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Play Together: The Most Popular MMORPGs

When people think of video games, they often think of teenagers or college students. However, numerous adults play video games. In fact, two-thirds of all Americans play some type of video game.

Some popular games are played on video game consoles (like Xbox or Playstation), and often, these games are solo. However, using a computer to play an MMORPG means you get to play together with people all over the world. MMORPG is an acronym meaning massive multiplayer online role-playing game.

But which are the most popular MMORPGs? Continue reading to find out.

Word of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been the most popular MMORPG for years and continues to be currently. Around 4.5 million people worldwide play WoW because it has something to offer every type of gamer. There’s PvP, PvE, raiding, dungeons, daily quests, and an intricate questline.

The most recent WoW release is Shadowlands, which players can enter once they’ve reached level 50. However, it’s possible to play every previous expansion if you prefer. If you like to be social, you can join a guild and participate in raiding or mythic dungeons together.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV Online wasn’t always trendy but has risen to the second most popular MMORPG with around two million players globally. Fans of the old Final Fantasy console games will get a hefty dose of nostalgia. The graphics and intricate storyline are true to the game’s original roots.

The only downside is that, like the old console games, FFXIV is a bit complex. This can make leveling and accomplishing tasks feel a little tedious at times. While it’s still a very social game, it’s decidedly less social than World of Warcraft.

Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape has remained a popular MMORPG despite its age. Sometimes, a classic remains popular because it has an avid fan base. In this case, OSRS has around 1.6 million players, which makes it only slightly less popular than FFXIV.

The downside to Old School Runescape is that it’s complex and caters to gamers who want a real challenge. Reaching endgame content can feel like it takes forever. Using the #1 OSRS Gold Seller can help make this task feel a little more accomplishable.

If you enjoy the idea of Runescape but don’t want the complexity (or are a beginning gamer), you can also try Runescape 3. While this latest release is a little easier, it stays true to many of the things fans of OSRS love most.

More Questions About the Most Popular MMORPGs?

While there are many MMORPGs available online, the three mentioned here are the most popular. World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV Online, and Old School Runescape has the largest player bases.

Do you have more questions about the most popular MMORPGs?

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