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How To Select The Appropriate Personal Computers For Your Business

Little by little, computers have entered our daily lives – today there is almost no household that does not own at least one computer, and these useful machines are mandatory equipment in every modern office. People use them for fun, but also as an important business tool. However, choosing the right configuration that would meet all your criteria and needs for using the computer can be quite complicated, given that the market is flooded with models from different manufacturers and with different features.

In addition to thinking about the budget that should be set aside for the purchase of a new computer, you must also consider all the performance factors, such as the operating system, memory, storage space for files, and many other factors that make a computer functional and adaptable to the specific needs of the user. With all this said, choosing the right personal computer can prove to be quite a challenge. In the text below, we’ll discuss some tips on how to select the right one.

For video and/or audio production and photo processing

If your primary job is video production or photo editing, then it is crucial that your computer has a very powerful processor (a processor that has a large number of cores) and a graphics card used in video production. For audio production, a strong audio card is needed instead of a strong graphics card. In both cases, the RAM memory, SSD, and power supply must be adapted to the needs of this type of work.

A fast NVMe SSD with a long TBW write life cycle and a strong power supply with an 80+ efficiency certificate should have at least 32GB of RAM. Pay special attention to the cooling of the processor because the processor is the component that heats up the most, so cooling is the most important part after choosing the processor.

A suitable monitor for this configuration should not have a diagonal smaller than 27 inches and preferably have a good response time. Whoever works as a content creator and video editor must pay special attention to all these details as the success of their job depends on the quality of the tools used.

Computers for checking email and surfing the Internet

If you will mostly use your computer for some basic activities, such as sending and receiving emails, surfing the net, or working in word documents and excel tables, then you can be satisfied with a computer that has a Core i3, AMD A8, A10, or Ryzen 3 processor.

As far as storage is concerned, 512GB of memory will probably be enough for you to store data. Avoid configurations with less than 4GB of RAM, and if you can spare the extra money, 8GB wouldn’t be a bad idea. In most cases, it is Windows 10. This will help your operating system run more easily and quickly.

So, for daily business needs that only include internet browsing, e-mail, and PDF viewing, using social networks, or using applications for word processing or spreadsheets, computers with the above configurations are more than enough.

Of course, there are several options to choose from, such as all-in-one desktop computers, custom-built, brand-name desktops, and possibly Microsoft Surface laptops if your company numbers more than 10 employees and has the need for individual, carryable, and easy-to-handle computers. Laptops are especially beneficial if some of your employees are working in the field or traveling a lot, and need constant access to all the documents and tools. Laptops allow for mobility, and the newer models come at a lower price while “packing” some serious power. 

Computers for checking email and surfing the Internet

Gaming computer

A gaming computer occupies a special place in the world of computers because it is specific in that, as a rule, it should be a comprehensive “strong machine”.

The most important component of a gaming computer is the graphics card. Due to the global shortage, this component affects the configuration price the most. Image quality, resolution, and number of frames per second (FPS) mostly depend on the quality of the graphics card and its power. Some games are more “processor-based” and do not require such a strong graphics card, so the focus is on a strong processor, but it is certainly important for them to have a solid graphics card.

Gaming has become extremely lucrative, and the newer trends in streaming have created YouTube stars with a serious income. Of course, most gaming computers are well-equipped and can also support newer programs and programming software.

Ask yourself the following

All in all, the questions we should ask when choosing the right one for our business are:

  • Specific usage 
  • Needs and intended purposes
  • Price range and budget 
  • Number of computers 
  • Maintenance and whether we can afford repairs 

Once you’ve established your needs and the purposes of your computers, you’ll find it more than easy to select the right one.

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