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Painting a House: What Type of Exterior Paint Finish Is Best?

You’ve just moved into a beautiful new home. It’s everything you ever wanted. Yet, before officially moving in, you notice a few things you want to change around the house.

One of the first things you want to change is the style of the exterior paint finish. You purchased your dream home old, and it has that weathered, wood look that gives character to a home. So, what type of exterior paint finish is best?

If maintaining the outer look of your home is a priority for you, continue reading below to learn the differences between paint and siding. Read along to learn more!


It is highly resistant to environmental factors like humidity, water, and temperature fluctuations, making it an ideal choice for areas with a high level of changes in weather. Gloss not only looks bright and attractive, but it also reflects UV radiation from the sun, minimizing its damaging effects. The high gloss finish is also easier to clean and maintain, meaning you won’t have to spend a lot of time and money repainting your house due to dirt or grime buildup.


First, the semi-gloss paint is a recommended house paint because it is durable and long-lasting, which is ideal for use on exterior walls as it can withstand varying weather conditions and still look good. Second, semi-gloss paint provides a glossy finish, making it perfect for making a house look more attractive.

Third, the paint finish is also waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor use in harsher weather conditions like rain, snow, and wind. In addition, the semi-gloss paint finish is also easier to clean since it is more resistant to dirt, dust, and other environmental elements.


Satin is one of the best types of house paint for house exteriors because it gives the home a polished and dignified look. It is also an extremely durable product. The satin paint is highly resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling.

It offers an attractive luster that can reflect the light in different directions and balance out the brightness of the sun. Additionally, because it has a satin sheen, it is easier to clean and maintain.

It is also resistant to stains and provides a good level of waterproof protection for the house exterior. Satin paint finish can also provide a great contrast to bright and light colors and easily emphasizes architectural details.


The paint finish diffuses any light coming in, meaning that any color you use incorporates easily and gives your home a softer look, making it better suited for subtle styling. The low-gloss finish also means that the exterior house paint will mask small imperfections, cracks, and other minor flaws on the walls. To get this type of finish, Total Pro Painters can do this for you with the best services.

Learn What Type of Exterior Paint Finish Is Best Today

Learning what type of exterior paint finish is best should be carefully chosen when painting a house. Consider the weather and prior paint job, as well as the texture and finish, which should have a semi-gloss or higher to ensure longevity.

For the best paint job, it is important to hire a professional. Contact one today to get started on your exterior painting project.

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