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Advancing Children’s Knowledge During The Pandemic: Online Tutoring Benefits

The global pandemic affected everybody’s lives without bias; everyone faced losses with the global lockdown, as all industries were in upheaval. Another essential sector that was hit was education. The education of children in all countries came to a standstill. It wasn’t until online classrooms became the new reality that children got their education back. Several new platforms emerged to make this possible, connecting teachers, students and the administration virtually.

But the truth is, this service was available for many years before the pandemic. Organisations like Kinetic education have been offering tutoring services for several subjects like English and Maths online. They also provide NAPLAN tutoring for Australian children. You can also check https://taughtup.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-online-learning/ for more information on online learning.


Online tutoring offers more focussed and individualised education methods for every student. These institutions recruit intuitive tutors who can understand the child entirely and cater teaching programs to their learning styles. 

Online Tutoring for Struggling Students

Every class has a mix of students, from underperformers to class toppers. This difference in learning or performance level is more because of an omnidirectional teaching method than the students’ abilities. Services offering online tutoring first assess the child’s abilities. They try to find knowledge gaps in their education; these gaps occur because school education cannot focus their methodology according to a single child.

But online tutoring can assign a teacher to each student, or smaller groups of similar students, for more focussed learning. Online tutorials mainly help struggling students perform better in their classes and keep up with their peers.

Online Tutoring for Intermediate Students

One of the most overlooked categories of students is the average performers. These children maintain their grades in the mid-range. While their performance may seem adequate, they can do much better with the proper training online tutorials provide.

These students may start performing worse later on if they don’t get the focus they need. Online tutorials combine teaching techniques to find the best methodology for average performers. With the right motivation and method, they could become high-performers in their class.

Online Tutoring for Advanced Students

Online tutoring might seem pointless for advanced students who continuously achieve top grades. The schools’ education practices work best to their capabilities, allowing them to reach their maximum potential. But these students are probably capable of further advanced topics and concepts.

Online tutoring identifies the hidden potential within these students, honing their talent from a young age. Tutoring for English and Maths online for advanced students helps them perform at a level with their capabilities. While school educates them, online tutorials can elevate them.

Online Tutoring for Children with Special Needs

All children are unique, but some children require extra care and individualised education than others. Online tutoring services have numerous tutors specialising in psychological therapy; they can combine education and therapy to help children with special needs. Most children on the autistic spectrum or with ADD or ADHD respond well to technology.

The tutorials are flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of a single child. Organisations like Kinetic Education also offer a two-week free trial period to see if the child feels comfortable with the tutorial programme and make necessary changes.

Home Schooling

There are several reasons parents might decide to homeschool their child, but this tends to put undue stress on them. The parents will have to familiarise themselves with the concepts and syllabi of all classes and levels to give their child a complete and holistic education. They will also have to prepare their child for the respective exams, certificates, and the future.

Tutorials offer homeschooling packages for all subjects and even specific tutoring for English and Maths online. These services take on the full responsibility of educating the child and helping them achieve their potential.

Expanding the Field of Knowledge

Another way to improve a child’s knowledge during the worldwide pandemic is to expand the field of it, meaning that a child can not only learn school-related subjects by attending online classes but also learn new useful topics.

For example, as there are fewer opportunities for entertainment during the pandemic, children usually have more free time, which they can spend by finding new hobbies or learning new skills, such as new languages or programming.

More to it, this also opens up the market of online teaching jobs because if you want to tutor online, you can pick one of your hobbies that you are good at and start teaching. You do not necessarily have to have a science diploma. In order to find tutor jobs, you can visit Preply.com, which is a well-known online tutoring platform.

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