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Top 5 Online Platforms for Electricity Bill Payment: A Comparative Analysis

Are you tired of visiting the electricity distributor to pay the electricity bill every month? Are you searching for ways to make electricity bill payments easier? Then you might be looking for apps that can help you make online electricity bill payment.

What are bill payment apps?

Bill payment apps primarily allow for a one-stop location to pay most utility bills, recharge prepaid mobile sims, pay property taxes, etc.

With the integration of the revolutionary UPI payment system, bill payment apps have become even more sophisticated and popular as well as better interconnected and offer many more benefits to users who can make the right use of them.

What are the best apps for electricity bill payment?

It is 2023, and there are dozens of different apps for bill payments. Due to offering additional features and capabilities, it is difficult to understand the best app for bill payments. This is why I have listed the top 5 apps that I have used for bill payments in the order of preference. 

  • Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv, based on my experience, is the Everything app. If you have this one app, you will not need any other financial app. It offers blazingly fast UPI transactions with minimal fail rates, bill payments for utilities, mobile recharge, and more, and deals with loans and insurance. It is the best online electricity bill payment app, which excels at all these aspects and is easy to use, understand, and convenient. 

  • PhonePe

Next up comes PhonePe. It is a market leader in terms of UPI and also offers bill payments as an additional feature. At the same time, it is also feature-rich and offers transactions with minimal failure rates. 

  • PayTM

PayTM comes in third due to its occasional failure in transactions, but it is a solid app, which I rate highly due to its versatility and offerings. It is also the most popular and widely accepted app for other digital payments. 

  • Cred

Cred started as a cashback app for credit cards and has diversified into bill payments for utility and mobile recharge. It is highly rated on the Play Store and offers cashback on all transactions. 

  • Airtel Thanks 

The Airtel Thanks app is mainly for Airtel bill payment online. It is excellent for people who own an Airtel sim card or Wi-Fi as it is primarily for bill payments for its ecosystem, but by clicking on the pay tab, you can pay for any utility bills and transact using UPI. 

How to pay electricity bill online?

Paying electricity bills online is very simple. There are several ways to do so. You can directly pay using the electricity provider’s application or website and digital payment apps such as Bajaj Finserv and PayTM. 

In my case, I prefer using Bajaj Finserv and these are the steps I follow to make my payments.

  1. Download the Bajaj Finserv Application.
  2. Sign up to create a new account or log in using an existing account.
  3. On the homepage, under the payments tab, tap the bills and recharges icon.
  4. Choose your electricity provider and enter the requested details.
  5. Choose the preferred payment method and make the payment. 
  6. That’s it. It takes less than a minute for me to make the payment once I have saved the details.


These are some of the best payment apps for online electricity bill payment that I have used and recommend, along with the steps for the app I use almost daily. 

These steps should help you cut down on time and make payments easily.

Daniel Robert
Daniel Robert
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