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5 Factors You Should Never Ignore While Buying Inverter Batteries

Buying an inverter battery involves a whole lot of factors that you should not ignore, and that’s because if you end up buying the wrong one, it may either stop working properly or may not work at all. For example, if you buy two inverter batteries to get a better battery life, it may not work if you have an inverter that supports only 12V.

For such cases, you will have to buy a separate inverter, one that supports 24V, making something as simple as buying inverter batteries go in a completely wrong way. That’s why it is essential that you spend a few minutes reading this piece to avoid such mistakes.

Today, we will discuss 5 factors you should never ignore before buying inverter batteries. But before we do just that, let’s first take a quick look at the different types of inverter batteries.

Various Types of Inverter Batteries

You can buy three types of inverters. Let’s learn more about them.

  • Flat Plate Batteries

Flat plate batteries are small and compact sized batteries that are great for smaller households with less space to keep or store the batteries. They are great for small and frequent power cuts, so if you want a battery that doesn’t take up much space and offers exceptional backup during those frequent short power cuts, these will make for a great choice.

  • Tubular Battery

Tubular batteries are much more popular as they are highly efficient and require little maintenance. These batteries also have a much longer operational life, over 8+ years. All these features add up to the cost of these batteries. Now, Tubular batteries do have a few drawbacks as well. These batteries are much larger than Lead Acid ones and are much bigger and bulkier in their design.

Even though they are a tad costlier, the benefits outweigh the cost and are the best choice for most home inverters. They are reliable and have a longer warranty period.
Tubular batteries are further categorized into two forms: Short Tubular battery, and Tall Tubular battery. Short Tubular batteries are shorter in size but much wider than Tall Tubular batteries. This makes them a bit easier to carry. The Tall Tubular batteries, however, are tall and much leaner, as the name suggests.

  • Gel Batteries

Lastly, we have the Gel batteries, which are basically Lead Acid batteries, but in a sealed container. Hence, there’s no release of fumes or the need for electrolyte toppings. Essentially, it’s a buy once and forget type of battery. But these batteries do not have the same cheaper price tag as the usual Lead Acid batteries. It’s costly and also has a lower life span but are much more environment friendly and perfect for households with kids and the elderly.

5 Factors You Should Never Ignore While Buying an Inverter Battery

  • Calculate Your Power Consumption

Calculate the total power consumption of your home to check if a single inverter battery can handle it. If there are heavy-duty appliances in your home requiring more power, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, pumps, geysers, etc., that you want to run off the auxiliary power unit, then you may need to buy two batteries to handle that load.

  • Check Which Type of Battery You Need

There are three types of battery-Lead Acid battery, Tubular battery, and Maintenance-free battery. Choose a battery as per your budget, and power requirement.

  • Check Inverter Compatibility

Dual batteries will not be compatible with 12V inverters. So, it is advisable to check for compatibility.

  • Check For Warranty

Some offer 24 months warranty while others provide 36 months of warranty. Try getting the ones that provide higher warranties.

  • Not All Your Appliances Can Be Powered by An Inverter

While it can run appliances such as AC and refrigerators, some appliances such as motors or room heaters consume extreme power, and the power needed to start these appliances is much higher. So, some batteries may simply fail to run these appliances, and if they run them, it won’t be for much longer.

Keeping these few pointers in mind will go a long way in helping you choose the ideal battery for your home. Luminous has one of the best battery ranges in the industry across battery types, load capacity, and budget requirements, so do check them out if you are actively looking to buy a high-quality battery.

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