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Why do you need to move to Oracle Cloud Applications?

When it comes to choosing modern technologies, Oracle Cloud is a must-have upgrade. Nowadays, more and more companies are realizing the importance of migrating to the Cloud, thanks to the number of benefits it offers.

Since the world is already moving ahead by adopting the latest technologies, the on-premises ERP applications are losing their relevance, and offline business applications are not supporting companies in speeding up business growth.

Today, businesses are evolving and growing according to the demands of the market. Unfortunately, during this transition, heavily customized on-premise systems are proving to be quite unmanageable and very expensive.

This is why Oracle Cloud applications like Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Cloud HCM, etc., are entering into the picture to help businesses be at the frontline of the rapidly changing marketplace.

4 reasons for businesses to move to Oracle Cloud

Cutting Edge Technology

Oracle Cloud Applications gets its power from machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and DaaS (Data-as-a-Service). Thanks to the DaaS, the data gets prioritized efficiently so that quality information is provided to your business effortlessly. Oracle Cloud’s big data has been very useful for businesses around the world, and this is why companies are adopting Oracle Cloud applications like Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Cloud HCM and much more.

Innovative and Intelligent Applications

Oracle Cloud Applications are very distinctive from other technologies since the software-as-a-service (SaaS) is created on their own Cloud infrastructure and platform. Oracle also offers regular oracle quarterly updates, analytics, digital assistance, and AI, which allows employees of an organization to work swiftly and smartly.

In addition, the Oracle Cloud Applications are also laced with advanced features of machine learning and data analytics, which allows talent management to be facilitated and also increase operational efficiencies.

Privacy and Data Security

When we consider Oracle Cloud Applications, security is of utmost priority. Typically, Oracle is known for its robust application security architecture, and this is why Oracle Cloud products are actively used by government agencies and other major businesses alike.

When we consider Oracle Cloud Applications, not only there is data encryption, but also multi-layered data security and top-notch data centers. Thanks to the Oracle Cloud, employee data can be protected, and data security measures can also protect companies from any security threats.

Improved Financial Decisions

Another significant aspect of the Oracle Cloud Application is that it is best for collecting necessary data from extensive sources, which can further help in the decision-making process.

In addition, when you connect different Oracle Cloud Analytics, the data analysis becomes even more powerful, which allows you to gain deeper and more important insights so that you can quickly make the best financial decisions that are best for the growth of your business. Also, the company releases oracle quarterly updates which further helps in adding new functionalities to improve business processes.

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