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Xiaomi and Samsung Emerge Most Popular Phone Brands in India

According to a new report from IDC, Xiaomi has retained the top spot Most Popular Phone Brands in the Indian smartphone market in October. Data shows that the company has shipped a total of 5.5 million units in the month, compared to 3.9 million units during the same month last year.

It has secured a 24.8 percent market share and witnessed a growth of 38.1 percent YoY. South Korean tech company Samsung is the second most popular phone brands in india with a 20.6 percent market share despite strong growth of 42.2 percent and has shipped 4.5 million units. The overall Indian smartphone shipments grew by 42 percent YoY in October, with a total of 21 million units shipped.

According to IDC, Vivo is at the third spot with 3.9 million units in October, compared to 2.9 million from 2019. Realme is in fourth place as it could ship 3.0 million units, which registered a 48.2 percent growth in October and is also the highest among all the brands. OPPO came in fifth position with 2.7 million units, a YoY growth of 40.2 percent. Other brands accounted for 2.4 million units.

Online Sales Increases due to COVID19 Lockdown

IDC has stated that the growth in India was due to the increase in online sales and high demand in the third quarter of this year. The units shipped in India were the highest-ever for October month and second-highest for a single month after 23 million units in September this year.

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The report further states that phone purchases between Rs 8000 to Rs 16,000 grew by 60 percent YoY. Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9, and Vivo Y20 were the top-selling models in the segment. Apple led the premium segment (Rs 35,000 to Rs 50,000) in India, with a growth of 16 percent YoY in October. iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and OnePlus 8 were the most popular models in this segment, with sales driven by affordability schemes and offers.

Samsung also Emerge as 2nd Most Popular Phone Brands in India

Moreover, as many as 68 percent of the smartphones sold in October were under $200 (about Rs 15,000). Xiaomi was the leader in the budget segment, while Samsung led the $200-300 (roughly Rs 15,000-22,000) bracket; this price bracket accounted for about 25 percent of all smartphone sales during the period. The premium ($500+/ Rs 35,000+) segment had a 5 percent share of the overall sales in October, with Apple being the top brand in 49 of the top 50 cities.

Cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata accounted for as much as 25 percent of the sales, with e-learning driving demand in the bigger cities. Sales in Jaipur, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bhopal, and Coimbatore grew by 50 percent. However, other regions saw only an average of 25 percent increase in demand due to economic concerns and consumer spending focused on essentials. The top 50 cities were responsible for 55 percent of the national demand.

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