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Most Banned Dota Heroes of All Time

The ban mechanic in Dota 2 is loved and loathed in equal measure. The ban system allows each player to nominate a single hero to ban from a match. However, there’s no guarantee that the hero you vote to ban will actually be removed from play. For low-level players, the ban system can prove confusing.

However, it’s a welcome mechanic at pro-level play, ensuring high-powered heroes can’t be used to quickly bring a game to an abrupt end. Tired of finding that your favorite hero isn’t available to be picked? Chances are you’ll find them in this list of the most banned Dota 2 heroes of all time.

8. Legion Commander

If you’re playing ranked games, don’t be too surprised to see Legion Commander landed with a ban. It’s not hard to see why so many players want to take this hero out of the equation. For starters, she can grant immunity to magical spells by using items like Aghanim’s Shard. What’s more, even though she falls into the melee category of hero, she’s a pretty versatile performer.

7. Io

With a whopping 653 bans, Io became them most banned hero at The Invitational in 2022. Although Io’s attacks aren’t a cause for concern, this hero boasts some of the most impressive healing abilities in the game. As well as being able to bolster the HP of comrades, Io can also relocate an ally to another part of the map if they find themselves cornered.

6. Queen of Pain

You’ll often find Queen of Pain put in a mid laner role. She’s a go-to choice for those who prefer farming items to unleashing direct attacks on the enemy. However, don’t dismiss her as a supporting player. In the right hands, she can prove a problem for low-level heroes. Her inventory can recharge her abilities, making her a deadly combatant during the early stages of a match. Furthermore, she boasts some impressive mobility stats, meaning you should never take your eye off her.

5. Broodmother

It’s unlikely that you will have seen too much of Broodmother if you’ve been following the Dota 2 tournaments schedule. Why is this arachnid horror such a rare sight in ranked games? Like Legion Commander, Broodmother is incredibly versatile and can be used in several different roles. With her spiderlings in tow, Broodmother can be used to farm quickly and overwhelm low-powered enemies in no time at all.

4. Bloodseeker

Few games are going to seem like a fair fight with Bloodseeker as a pick. Unsurprisingly, this makes Bloodseeker one of the most banned Dota 2 heroes of all time. He’s a go-to for gamers with a more aggressive playing style, with his Thirst ability allowing him to boost his speed and unleash deadly attacks on low-powered enemies. Furthermore, his HP gets partially restored after every kill.

3. Morphling

Morphling isn’t considered a beginner-friendly hero. If you know how to use this hero, you’ll no doubt have spent many hours putting in the practice. This makes it all the more annoying when you find out that he’s been banned as a pick. What’s behind this aversion to Morphling? As his name suggests, Morphling can shapeshift into ally and enemy heroes alike. This can quickly turn the tide in any battle situation.

2. Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker can easily dominate any match. With his Charge ability, Spirit Breaker can move across the map to attack enemies right from the off. In the unlikely event he comes under heavy fire from the enemy, the same ability can be used to escape. It’s little wonder that he’s currently one of the most consistently picked heroes in Dota 2. It’s for these reasons that he’s regularly banned in ranked games.

1. Tinker

As Dota 2 heroes go, Tinker can be a hard one to master. However, with a little practice, this tech-savvy hero can dominate the middle lane. Mid laners playing against Tinker will find it almost impossible to farm. Thinking about attacking him? Those missiles of his are unlikely to let you anywhere close. Jaw-dropping magic stats and unrivaled defensive abilities make an even more challenging enemy. If you come up against him during an unranked game, you better have a solid strategy to outpace him.

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