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6 Ways Mobile Marketing Is Your Business’ Biggest Ally

Years ago, you might have heard some talk about the promising field of digital marketing through mobile devices. Today, however, it’s no longer just ‘talk’ because mobile devices are involved in digital marketing in all its iterations. Digital marketing is a potent way of reaching, attracting, and engaging current and potential clients.   

More than six billion people around the world own a smartphone. In the US, an overwhelming number of Americans—85% of them—are smartphone owners. Smartphones are no longer viewed as a luxury item. In today’s world, they’re practically a necessity. These devices have revolutionized people’s lives, including the way they shop. Reaching out to them through mobile marketing is a must for any company. (1) (2)

Overview of mobile marketing

Overview of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing refers to advertising that’s done using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It takes advantage of technologies found in these devices, such as location services, to custom-made digital marketing campaigns based on a user’s geolocation. 

This type of digital marketing is very effective for creating an advertising campaign that can be personalized for customers who are always online with their mobile devices.   

How mobile marketing helps your business

How mobile marketing helps your business

There are proper steps you have to take to maximize its benefits. For example, geofencing location based marketing, which refers to a service based on the user’s location, can be maximized to amplify the impact of a business’ mobile marketing strategy. 

Below are a few ways mobile marketing is your business’ biggest ally:

Google favors mobile-friendly sites

Since Google updated its algorithm a few years ago, sites that are optimized for mobiles are prioritized when people use their mobile devices for their searches or queries. A business that takes mobile marketing seriously should make sure users can easily access its website. Users can easily abandon your site if it’s sluggish and the loading speed is snail-like. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, mobile users won’t even see your website on Google.

So, make sure your website is optimized and user-friendly. Make your webpage attractive and well-designed. For example, take care not to leave too many white spaces, but don’t bombard visitors with images and texts as well. On a webpage, too many white spaces can seem like your domain isn’t working. Additionally, remove or at least reduce unnecessary blocks of text. 

Moreover, keep in mind that too many pop-ups and ads on a webpage will repel many visitors on mobile devices. So, make sure to put some thought into the banners that you display on your website.

Doing these will greatly help your SEO, resulting in Google giving you a higher rank. A higher rank means users can easily find your site.  

Wide market reach    

Smartphones are now used by people of all ages, and not just by the younger population. Using mobile marketing to reach people who check their mobile devices within 10 minutes of opening their eyes in the morning, which 80% of Americans do, is a tremendous boon for your business. You practically have a captive audience, considering that they also check their mobile approximately 262 times a day. That averages out at once every five-and-a-half minutes. (3)

Worldwide, smartphone subscriptions are more than 6 billion; by 2026, this figure is projected to reach more than 7.5 billion. Suffice it to say that mobile marketing can help you connect globally with people on an intimate and personal level, which could help your brand fully realize its potential. (1) 

Mobile marketing isn’t limited to one channel

Mobile marketing doesn’t limit your campaign to a single channel. A single mobile device has different channels you can use to mount your ad campaign. Brands can opt to focus on mobile app marketing or website. There’s also in-game marketing, SMS marketing, or QR codes as a method of directing users to your site.

Location-based marketing


Location-based marketing

Even if your clients frequently change location, you still have the opportunity of assisting them. Communication with them can be suited to their activities and location, and you can reach out to clients at a time that’s most convenient for them. You can also be of help to users by taking advantage of location-based marketing, like geofencing. This can set off offers, notifications, or alerts when a user’s mobile device is in a particular locale. 

Mobile marketing is cost-effective

In terms of cost-effectiveness, traditional marketing channels can’t hold a candle to mobile marketing. Mobile marketing also has a much wider reach. You can also tailor your advertising campaign to be more nuanced and more suited to your clients’ needs. (4)

Moreover, considering its relatively low cost and big returns, this type of marketing is tremendously helpful to smaller businesses. This is an area where they are on equal footing with the bigger brands. Running a mobile marketing campaign means you can create an effective and direct advertising blitz that won’t break the bank.

Ride the ‘viral’ wagon

Content that reaches viral status is the holy grail of advertising. It means the content will be shared among thousands, if not millions, of people, which is virtually free advertising. People will be doing your marketing campaign for you because viral content can be shared easily on mobile devices. 


Mobile marketing is a channel that no contemporary business can ignore. Not only can you potentially reach billions of mobile device users, but you can also be of service to them even if they change location. What’s more, mobile marketing is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing avenues. With this level of versatility, you can choose various ways of reaching out to your target audiences.

In addition, there’s always the potential of content going viral, which is tantamount to getting free advertising to countless smartphone users.


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