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Accelerated Migration in AI-Driven COVID-19 Treatment

Before we fell prey to COVID-19, we had seen gradual transformation and migration in various sectors of the economy with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Some of the areas where AI has transformed advanced technology and machine learning include healthcare, safety, improving quality services to clients, improved customer support, and marketing. 

However, it seems that what we were supposed to see in the next two/three years took a rapid transformation and rather fast-tracked the extensive use of Artificial Intelligence right away. 

The benefits that you can derive from the AI technology are unbounded but there are glitches in the process. One of the main benefits of AI being adopting, investing, and executing the model in the organizations, and businesses.

However, Artificial Intelligence has proved to be a boon for addressing COVID-19 cure and allied treatment. Let us see how. 

Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital highlights the role played by technology in treating COVID-19 illness

Few of the words that rightly describe the technology include powerful, innovative, emerging, illuminating, and of course result oriented. The so-called subsets of Artificial Intelligence, namely, Deep Learning and Machine Learning are proving to be of immense help during the pandemic. 

Let us see why many experts think that this is an emerging technology that is playing an instrumental role in addressing COVID-19 illness. 

1. MIDRC and NIH-

The Medical Imaging and Data Resource Center or MIDRC was launched by The National Institutes of Health or NIH. It will make use of Artificial Intelligence in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring COVID-19 patients. 

2. Swab Robot- 

In Denmark, scientists and researchers have developed the so-called “swab robot”. And what does it do? It is responsible for collecting samples for analysis in the laboratories. This will ensure safe and effective COVID-19 testing on a mass scale. 

3. Touchscreen Ventilator- 

John Hopkins University has researchers that are in the phase of “testing a robot”. This robot is attached to a touchscreen ventilator. This will curtail the chances of infection and also people will not require to wear protective attire while they are in the Intensive Care Room. 

4. Robots in Rwanda- 

In Rwanda, medical workers are deploying robots. This is an effort to reduce the risks of contracting the virus and will be of great help to the medical staff. Few of the tasks that the robots have taken over from the medical staff include checking temperatures, curbing human exposure, and monitoring patients infected with COVID-19. 

5. Accessing research papers related to COVID-19- 

CORD-19 Search has been launched by AWS. It is a website powered by machine learning. It helps researchers to access any research paper or document related to COVID-19 without having to waste time. 

The instances mentioned above are just a few of them. The number will increase with every passing day. As per Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital, Artificial Intelligence is also being used for “drug repurposing” and “drug discovery”.

With public health occupying center stage for all governments across the globe, the use of AI is increasing with positive and effective results. 

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