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Managed IT For Cybersecurity: 3 Benefits And Challenges

Are you facing security threats in your company? Do you want to reduce the possibility of cyberattacks in your business? It’s time you considered outsourcing managed IT services. Outsourcing security services has many benefits and several associated risks; this article will show you.

Some of the benefits your business will enjoy are:

Better Protection

Managed IT service providers allow you to leave the challenging task to the professionals. These experts can protect your business from cyberattacks since they’re well experienced. This experience is gained since it’s their primary business focus, and they work with a variety of clients in various industries.

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Besides their expertise, outsourced IT services have the best technology in the market to ensure security for your company’s data. With their business operations solely on providing data protection for firms, they often invest in the best technology in the market to offer their services. Unlike managing your own IT, your finances are limited since other aspects of your organization need financing. Therefore, you’re scaled-down on what you can spend on acquiring the needed technology.

An outsourced IT is better positioned to know any new technological advancement in security. Besides being aware of new tools, they have better resources to upgrade their security systems since they have to provide the best for their customers.

Their expertise on the job and use of advanced equipment allow your company to have efficient and reliable cybersecurity systems.


Acquiring security technology might prove to be quite expensive for your business, especially with the various updates every so often. With all these expenses, you end up taking away most of your finances from your company’s core operations, which isn’t ideal. As previously stated, outsourced IT security providers have already invested in these tools, and their primary pool of resources goes into advancing them for better delivery of services.

Lacking managed IT services increases your organization’s labor costs. This is because you need more than three employees for an in-house IT team to ensure adequate protection. Also, IT experts don’t come cheap, and you’ll need a very high budget for their services. A managed IT provider saves you all these since they have an experienced team to handle all your security. You only need to pay the provider a monthly subscription for their services.

Invest the money saved from not investing in advanced technology and paying wages into other processes of your business for increased returns and growth.

Ability To Focus On Business

The top management keeps worrying about possible malware attacks without a managed IT system as they wonder if they’re well-equipped to counter any attack. Such worry reduces their focus on the core functions of your organization. Similarly, your in-house IT team spends much time on cybersecurity and neglects the other aspects of their responsibilities, reducing efficiency.

Contracting an IT service provider lifts the cybersecurity burden from your top management and the in-house IT team. This way, they’re both able to put their energies into attaining your company goals.

managed IT services are:

Some of the challenges faced with managed IT services are:

Decreased Security

When you hire managed IT services, your security decreases since you’ll need to share all your data with them, including sensitive ones. Including a third party in your business operations may risk your business, especially if you didn’t vet them properly before outsourcing their services.

Acquiring a cybersecurity provider requires you to seek referrals from those outsourcing these services. There’s a possibility that your rival might recommend a poor service provider to bring down your business or even collude with them to share your company secrets.

Conflicts are bound to arise among people in a relationship. A disagreement with your provider might see them threatening to expose your data to other parties as a way of revenge.

These are some aspects that reduce the security of your organization’s data. Therefore, it’s essential to assess your provider adequately and look for reviews from their current and previous clients. This gives you a broader understanding of how they deliver their services.

Ensure your chosen managed IT provider has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that outlines what they’ll offer to your company and how they’ll deal with cyberattacks in case they happen. If they don’t deliver, you can sue them for breach of the SLA.

Delayed Responses

A majority of outsourced IT providers work remotely. This means there needs to be constant communication between them and your in-house IT team.

Poor communication during a possible malware attack or emergency in your company may affect your business operations by increasing downtime and reducing efficiency.

They should respond promptly and advise accordingly to prevent any interruptions.

Less Business Control

Including a third party in your business operations and giving them access to your data might not sit right with you or other stakeholders of your company.

With less business control comes increased insecurity and what-ifs.


Although risks accompany managed IT cybersecurity services, the benefits outweigh the cons in many aspects. Therefore, don’t be left behind. Take the chance of better security for your enterprise without worry as you focus on attaining your company goals and as you soar in the business world.

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