To begin with, it must be borne in mind that the market is very volatile. It means you can win a lot of money if you know how to do it, but you can also lose it all. Ideally, there is nothing wrong with purchasing this electronic currency in large amounts via the official Bitcoin Era site if it fits your budget.

ICOs are one of the best ways to earn money with bitcoin. The process usually works like this: A company offers you a bundle of its tokens (property) in exchange for bitcoins or ethers.

If these tokens double in value, you have made an excellent investment. For example, if you pay 200 euros for a token that gives you access to a content streaming platform, and this value doubles over time, you have achieved a 100% return.

The holders have a million-dollar strategy.

The big holders show sensitivity concerning news of a socio-political nature, among which those linked to the war between Russia and Ukraine have had the most significant impact.

It may be due to the impact that this can generate on the economy, because of their knowledge of what war represents, or because they are an integrated part of their strategies.

In this case, the news about ICOs and the token market directly impacts the price of Bitcoin. Usually, when there is positive news regarding these initiatives, Bitcoin prices increase. On the other hand, if negative news attacks the traditional financial system, we are likely to see BTC decline.

Some investors can make a fortune simply because the price of digital currencies increases significantly during the launch phase. For example, it happened with the Ethereum token, which became a high-value cryptocurrency when Ethereum went live.

The impact of whales on the crypto market

In the crypto market, the whales are the individuals who have a lot of money in the world of digital currencies. In essence, these investors are the ones that move the market and determine its value.

If someone has an extensive portfolio of tokens they can sell at any given time, they are destroying the price of Bitcoin and other digital assets. It is called a ” whale ” or whale and is usually a negative for small investors.

However, when whales take hold of a new cryptocurrency, their initial purchase can positively affect the market. For example, when the investment and venture capital firm Digital Currency Group started buying Ethereum tokens in 2016, the price rose 15%.

At that time, much had been written about the potential of Ethereum as an alternative to Bitcoin, and its prices were low.

Millennials Get Rich With Cryptocurrency

Millennials are a particular category of investors who get rich from cryptocurrencies. Unlike retail investors or traders, most millennials don’t use them to buy products and services. Instead, they look for investment opportunities in new projects and companies that can create value and economic growth with cryptocurrencies.

Millennials know that Bitcoin has much potential but are prepared to wait for its price to rise above $50,000 again. Millennials are a particular category of investors who get rich from cryptocurrencies.

Here are some of the millennials who have made fortunes using cryptocurrency:

  • The “crypto-lady”:

She is a woman who sells products and services in cryptocurrencies. Most millennials are men, but women are gaining ground in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

They are willing to learn about the cryptocurrency market, invest money, and work hard to become rich. Unfortunately, employers and investors have traditionally undervalued women, but that is rapidly changing.

Women are gaining their place in cryptocurrency and selling products and services in cryptocurrency.

  • The “kings of furniture”:

Monty George and Dan Beckles (both 21 years old) have launched their own furniture company and have an online store. They are now working on developing their blockchain, which from the beginning, was designed to be compatible with cryptocurrencies and related products and services.

Sales of their products in installments are very popular with customers. “We’re building a lot on our market,” says George.


In short, if you can find a good ICO offering free tokens to their first buyers or giving them a bonus on tokens they sell later, you can make a quick and effective return.

In general, ICOs have become a great source of investment for many individuals who want to earn money on the blockchain.

Daniel Robert
Daniel Robert
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