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Location Data Provider for Innovative Solutions

Marketers are reaching people in ways we’ve never seen before. A growing number of companies are tracking real-world foot traffic patterns. They’re establishing mobile advertising strategies that are specifically targeted. They’re even looking into consumer movement patterns to help them make key business decisions and discover new market information.

The overwhelming majority of mobile targeting tactics used by brand marketers today are powered by location data suppliers. Over the next few years, an amazing 75 percent of marketers say they aim to increase their use of location data, with location-based advertising spending estimated to reach $38.7 billion in the United States alone by 2022. Marketers will need to form partnerships with top location technology solutions to achieve these objectives. Here are a few firms they’ll be working with.


When it comes to location data business, Foursquare is one of the leading firms that has its location data and technology platform for marketers and developers. With the help of Foursquare’s location data, businesses can quantify the effect of their media and seek new audiences that they can target with relevant advertising.


Businesses can use PlaceIQ to interact with digital audiences by leveraging location-based insights. Advertising, measurement, analytics, and DaaS are the 4 key segments in which the firm’s solutions fall. PlaceIQ uses mapping and location data to enable such solutions, which the firm integrates to fully understand the world via the “lens of location.”

One of PlaceIQ’s goals is to diversify its data, which entails working with tens of thousands of data sources to integrate the depth and quality of background data with that of front data. The company has developed its filtering technology to eliminate false location data from the system.


Brands can use GroundTruth to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, make smart forecasting decisions, and boost shop visits and sales. All of these options are based on geographic information. GroundTruth claims to have a network 10 times larger than its nearest competitor, with high-quality data that has been independently confirmed.

GroundTruth’s location data can be used by marketers to target audiences, locations, and weather. They can also use GroundTruth’s data services to get into customer location data based on real-world activities.


Cuebiq claims to have one of the largest and most accurate databases of anonymized location data on the market. The company’s location intelligence platform makes this information available. To optimize company strategies and marketing activations, the Clara platform uses location data, location-based audiences, and footfall attribution.

Cubeiq clients may target consumers based on their offline habits and purchase intent for specific industries using geo-behavioral target capabilities. Cuebiq works with a variety of clients, including brands and agencies, financial services firms, and publishers.


Skyhook is a location data provider that can pinpoint the location of IoT devices at all times. Skyhook claims that its clients may make better educated, data-driven decisions using its location-based technologies, services, and data insights.

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