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Is TD Gold a Good Investment?

Anyone that wants to have a stress-free future, especially in their golden years needs to invest wisely. There are many things that one can invest in, and they include ETFs, futures, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, bonds, and commodities.

In recent times, there have been arguments about the best investment and a lot of people have voted for gold and other precious metals. You can click here for information on precious metals that are approved for investment. There are many reasons why people feel that investing in this precious metal is the best type of investment.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why investing in this yellow metal is a good idea, how to invest in it, and how to choose the precious metal company to work with.

Reasons to Invest in Gold

We have stated earlier that there are many reasons why people are advised to invest in this precious metal; find below some of those reasons:

It is a Store of Value

Although gold is no longer considered a legal tender for purchasing goods and services today, it still serves as money in many quarters. In fact, it is rated higher than any other currency in the world, making it the oldest currency of note in the history of mankind.  If you want to store value, especially for the long term, then consider investing in this precious metal.

Your Precious Metal Investment Cannot go Bankrupt

With precious metal investments, you do not need a paper contract, especially if you hold the physical commodity. There is no third party or middleman involved in your transaction; it is often between you and the dealer.  It is a financial asset that does not rely on another entity’s liability.

This factor therefore makes gold a solid asset that diversifies a portfolio and makes it bankruptcy-proof. So no matter what’s happening in the economy, your asset is safe, the value remains intact and you can sell it when you need cash.

It is a Hedge Against Inflation

Following from the above point, having this asset in your portfolio helps to hedge your investment against inflation.  During a period of inflation, the value of the currency in use reduces but in contrast, the value of the precious metal rises, or worse case remains the same.

If you had bought gold 5 years ago, your investment would have doubled, and in the next 5 years, it would have quadrupled.  Therefore, anyone who wants an investment that will yield substantial returns over the long term should consider this yellow metal.  You can visit https://www.morningstar.com/ for more information on this subject.

It is a Tangible Asset

Gold is a tangible asset, and therefore, it makes the holder/investor feel financially safe. It is also by far easier to buy a physical commodity than other tangible assets, such as real estate.  The tangibility of this asset makes it safer than digital assets that are susceptible to hackers.

This is not to say that having the physical commodity is 100% safe, but it is just safer compared to digital assets. There are peculiar safety risks associated with these precious metals, but they are not risks that catch the owner unaware. These are known risks that investors can anticipate and guard against.

It is a Good Asset for Diversification of Investment Portfolio

Economists believe that this precious metal is a good asset for diversifying one’s portfolio because it has a negative correlation with other classes of assets. Investors are advised to have gold in their investment portfolios because factors that negatively affect other assets do not affect the yellow metal. Gold can help reduce the volatility of the returns of a person’s investment portfolio.

How to Know the Right Gold Dealer/Company

Having seen reasons why you should make this investment, here are tips to help you recognize the right dealer or company to work with:

  1. Check their Accreditation and License– Legitimate dealers are those who have obtained the license to operate from governing bodies in their region or internationally. Check for their membership in any of the following association: Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, American Numismatic Association, Professional Numismatists Guild, or the Accredited Precious Metal Dealers.
  2. Read Online Reviews– This will help you know whether they are legitimate or not. Additionally, you will find out what customers have to say about their services and whether you should deal with them or not.
  3. Customer Service– Note how they treat their customers and their after-sales services. You can also find out their customer service culture from the reviews that you read.
  4. Secure Delivery and Insurance– Make sure that they have secure delivery strategies and insurance.

How to Invest in Gold

There are many ways to invest in precious metals, including buying the physical commodity, ETFs, Futures, Gold IRAs, Stocks, and Bonds. You can buy the physical commodity in the form of coins or bars from TD precious metals or other subsidiaries of reputable banks. Several banks have started selling gold bullion, as these bars and coins are known because of the growing demand for the diversification of investment portfolios by their customers.

We have discussed extensively why people are advised to invest in gold. Let’s briefly look at other ways of investing:

Gold Backed ETFs

This is a good option for people who do not want to deal with the hassles associated with buying and owning a physical commodity. In addition, not everyone can handle the high risk and volatility of futures investment.

Owning an ETF that is backed by gold is a great way of reaping the benefits of investing in this precious metal without the hassles.  Another benefit of this investment is that it can be readily exchanged for cash at the spot price. You can trade the fund on the floor of the market at the current price, the same way you sell stock.

Bear in mind that since the fund exposes you to the spot price of the commodity, the performance of the fund depends on the performance of the commodity. Although gold can be volatile, owning an ETF backed by it helps the investor avoid the risk of owning the physical commodity and protects the asset.

Gold Futures

This investment option involves speculating on the spot price of the commodity. Investors can even take delivery of the physical commodity based on the price they speculate, but oftentimes that is not the primary motivation of the investor.

This investment option can be highly lucrative, but it is a high-risk investment niche that is recommended for veteran investors.

Mining Stocks

This option is one where the investors own shares in mining companies. This option is beneficial for the investors because they can make a profit when the spot price of the commodity rises and when production increases over time. However, there are also risks associated with this method and they are mainly hinged on the company you invest in.

Based on the benefits mentioned, you can see that if you invest in a company that doesn’t have a strong management and doesn’t know what they are doing, you are at risk of losing your money. This is because your profit is tied to the performance of the company.

There’s so much we can discuss about different ways of investing in gold but you can click here for more information.


When people want to invest in gold, they often have a lot of questions. The most prevalent question is whether a dealer is legitimate. For example, people ask whether TD gold is a good investment option. In this article, we aim to provide you insights to help you make an informed decision. You can also read reviews of TD Gold and other dealers for more information.

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