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Is London the Business Tech Capital of the World?

London may not be the business tech capital of the world just yet, but according to Relevant Software LLC, ‘London is the second largest technology hub in the world, a place only shared with New York, both seconded to Silicon Valley USA.’ It is most certainly the tech hub of Europe and is therefore a significant location to base your company’s office whether you are looking to expand into the European markets or desire a high-end London address to run your business from.

#1 Easy transport links

There are plenty of transport links that are available in and throughout London, including six international airports and a train that links London to Paris via the channel tunnel. Of course, from there, you have the option to connect to other European countries by using various trains.

The train network in London is not just purely available for passengers to ride backward and forward from London to Paris; there are also trains that link all over London and, indeed, across the whole country, including Wales and Scotland. This makes London the ideal center point for any business.

#2 Wide talent pool for employment requirements

As you can imagine, this also opens up a wide and highly talented pool of prospective employees for your London offices to take advantage of. This is even more so if your business offers technological services due to the technology hub status that London has, as mentioned above. Many who want to operate within this sector are actively looking to converge and seek employment within the London postcodes.

#3 Selection of top-quality offices to rent in desirable areas of London

From a business point of view, being able to select a top-quality office to rent in a desirable area of London can provide more than just a good postcode and an excitingly wide talent pool from which to hire additional employees. It can also provide you with offices that are the perfect size for your business requirements. Finding the right office arrangement for the right price can be relatively easy when using businesses such as The Workplace Company, and therefore renting offices in Covent Garden equipped with modern tech for businesses can be more than just a dream.

Final thoughts

There are many different benefits to renting office space in one of the world’s leading tech hub hot spots. Not only will the office be situated in a highly desirable location, but it will also be the focus of any talent wanting to progress in their tech-based career. With easy access transport routes all over England, Scotland, and Wales, as well as Europe and other international locations, you will find that your business can be at the very center of your client pool.

There are plenty of offices available to rent all over London, and finding the right one for your business with the correct floor space and facilities could prove easy with the right property researchers, such as The Workplace Company.

Daniel Robert
Daniel Robert
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