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Interested in Retro Gaming? Here’s How to Get Started

One of the most amazing things about retro gaming is how the quality of the games never went down. While there are plenty of AAA experiences out there with graphics that are out of this world, the actual quality of gaming is much the same as it was back in the day — perhaps it was even superior back then.

The somewhat noticeable dip in quality these days is due to the restrictions of the 80s and 90s. They say that restriction breeds creativity, which happened with older games. So the devs had to make do with what they had, and they learned how to master each retro console.

If you’re interested in getting your start in retro gaming, here are a few tips.

Look for a console that catches your attention

There are plenty of retro consoles available today, much more so than a decade ago. Even the Playstation 3 is considered something of a retro console these days, though you’re probably thinking about the generations that came before that.

The first step is to look into a retro console that you feel deserves your focus and attention. Of course, you can try as many as possible, but it’s not a bad idea to consolidate your efforts. For example, if you’re a fan of handheld gaming, you can give the Gameboy a try. It’s a pioneer system with plenty of worthwhile games. If you want something quirky along the same lines, you can even try the SEGA Game Gear. If obscurity is what you want, there are all sorts of old LCD games courtesy of Tiger Electronics.

Doing the necessary research

If you’re into the prospect of collecting games and want to learn more about the history and development of gaming in general, it’s good to have a few sources online whenever you need some information. A great example would be Reddit, as there are plenty of subreddits with the information you need.

Social media channels such as Facebook can also offer you information; it also acts as a trading hub for old and used games and consoles. If you want to learn more about different gaming trends, you can check out https://gamingtrends.net/ for your gaming needs.

Learn about the backstories of your favorite game

Naturally, you’ll come across quite a few retro games that might pique your interest. In fact, you might even find it a better experience than the latest games of the present day. The great news is you’ll find all sorts of developer backstories online, especially on websites such as YouTube. You’ll also learn the history of each console generation, and perhaps even learn about older consoles you never knew existed.

Take the time to enjoy the classics

No matter the era of gaming, there are going to be examples that stand out above the rest. For example,  you have your mainstream titles such as the Zelda and Mario series, which are always going to be hits no matter the console they’re released on. Some of Zelda and Mario’s best include the Nintendo 64 (Ocarina of Time and Mario 64), the Super Nintendo (Link to the Past and Super Mario World), and the Nintendo Entertainment System (Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. 3).

The great thing about the classics is they aren’t relegated only to the mainstream games that most people know about. There is such a thing as the obscure classic, which is where the joy of retro gaming really comes full force. There are so many obscure classics across countless systems that you never really know what you’re going to get.

Looking into the stranger side of retro gaming

As stated above, there are LCD games like the ones showcased by Tiger Electronics. However, they also have the R-Zone, which is a very strange retro console that you strap onto your head. In that sense it’s similar to the Virtual Boy — they even copied the red overall color of its games. There are also the games you’ll find out of toys, such as the Megaman Battle Network PET games, which act almost like a Tamagochi of sorts (which in itself is its own game). The stranger side of retro gaming includes virtual pets, LCD consoles, ping pong machines, and much more.

There’s even the extremely old Odyssey console, where you use overlays and lights to simulate gaming. It was an enlightened time back in the day, and you can see the creativity oozing out of each and every era.

Learning about the backstories of your favorite games and consoles is a great way to feed your passion and give you more of a reason to dig into retro gaming. There are so many games to play that it can be downright overwhelming, but that’s the fantastic part of retro gaming. You’ll always have something to play!

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