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Influencer Marketing: How to Get Successful Results

Designing a marketing influencer campaign means developing a strategy aimed at responding to a problem or achieving a previously set objective. Why are you considering an influencer marketing campaign?

Do you need to increase your sales or your appointments?

Do you want to increase your community and followers on a social network?

Would you like to change your brand image?

Do you want to make yourself known to a more specific audience?

It can be one or more of these reasons but it is essential to identify them well to clarify the project and refine its needs.

If you are planning to implement influencer marketing, check out this guide and learn how to get successful results.

Establish your budget:

To succeed in an influencer marketing campaign, it is essential to establish a budget first. Can you pay influencers for their content? Or do you plan to send your product to influencers? Anyway, you will have to budget for this operation.

Sending products may seem inexpensive, but if you have to send hundreds of products with the hope of a few spontaneous publications, you will have to plan for the costs of the products themselves, the packaging costs, and the shipping costs. Which can quickly turn into a lot of spending.

Identify your target audience:

Would you like to use this influencer marketing campaign to reach your usual audience? Or a new audience? What age group are you targeting? It is important to identify exactly the audience you want to reach to choose the right social network, in line with your needs.

Identify influencers:

Identifying the influencers who will relay your message is an essential step in your marketing influencer campaign.

No need to start with the very first influencer that comes along. You will have to establish a real map of influencers according to their engagement rate, their field, their trustworthiness, etc. To get the accurate contact details of the influencer, you can look them up on Nuwber.

If you need a certain level of expertise for your product, you will need an influencer skilled in their field, who can relay information from a technical product perhaps.

Finally, the chosen influencer must be active in your field. No need to contact and target a kitchen influencer for a new online shoe sales site, it won’t work, that’s obvious.

Contact influencers:

Once the influencers have been identified, it is time to contact them, and this is not necessarily the easiest step. Because you will probably experience many refusals or non-responses. Be patient, make your offer unique, and approach every influencer personally.

Which social networks to choose?

Before even choosing the influencers, who will be able to broadcast your message to their audience, it is necessary to identify the social networks on which you wish to carry out your campaign. How to choose? Well, it all depends on your target and the consumer audience you are targeting.

– Facebook is a general social network, used all over the world and by all age groups. However, it has been neglected in recent years in favor of more entertainment-oriented platforms.

– Snapchat and TikTok make it possible to reach a young audience, with often very creative content. These platforms can help you rejuvenate your brand image and target a younger audience.

– Instagram will be ideal for reaching a younger generation as well, but also Millennials aged 30/35, who are excellent consumers. Instagram also has the advantage of being able to adapt to a photo or video format, stories, and quizzes.

– YouTube is a platform that lends itself very well to tutorials and full product reviews since the video format can be long.

– Don’t forget Twitch too, because even if the platform is initially known for online video games and its famous “gamers”, many influencers in other fields are making their way on this live streaming network as well.

– If your format is all about photography, Pinterest might be a great option. Finally, if your target is more expert, you can intervene in conversations on Twitter, or even on LinkedIn if your target audience is B2B.

How will you design your influencer campaign?

There are many ways to speak on social media with influencers. Here we present some examples:

Sending products:

This involves sending one or more products that you want to highlight to one or more influencers. In exchange or not for remuneration. This is an example of the most popular influencer marketing campaign.

If you do not plan to remunerate influencers, you will not have a guaranteed return, but in some cases, and if your influencers are well-targeted, you can expect an unboxing story, a post, or even a complete review if the influencer bothered to use the product.

The tutorial:

This form of partnership is particularly popular with make-up brands, for example. You send your product to a make-up influencer who will, during a video tutorial, describe it and explain how it works.

This allows you to showcase your product and check its effectiveness. Be careful to explain to the influencer beforehand how the product works and its benefits, so that they are not mistaken and the product doesn’t seem too complex.

The contest:

The contest is a great idea to increase your subscriber number and grow your community. Very popular on Instagram, collaborating with an influencer in the form of a contest can earn many subscribers and profile visits.

Indeed, to participate, internet users must often subscribe to the influencer’s page and the one of the brand. Be careful, however, of internet users who are bad players and contest runners who unsubscribe once the contest is over.

Invitation to an event:

You may want to create an event for the launch of a product or service. In this case, it is wise to invite a few influencers to showcase this event on social networks. Instagram lends itself particularly well to this type of campaign since it is possible to make live broadcasts and stories.

Succeeding in an influencer marketing campaign alone and without experience in the field can be very complicated. Simply follow this guide and you will surely get successful results in your influencer marketing.

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