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Why Seeking Legal Help is Important for Workplace Discrimination Victims

Workplace discrimination is a serious issue that affects thousands of people in Los Angeles every year. Victims of workplace discrimination often feel powerless, believing there is nothing they can do about their situation.

However, seeking legal help for workplace discrimination can be an effective way to fight back and protect your rights as an employee.

This article will discuss several key reasons why seeking legal help is important for victims of workplace discrimination in Los Angeles. Hopefully, this information helps empower those affected by workplace discrimination so they know what action steps they need to take if they wish to pursue justice through the court system.

Understand Your Rights

Seeking legal help can allow victims of workplace discrimination to better understand their rights under California law. An experienced Los Angeles employment law firm and its representatives can review the circumstances and make sure that all potential legal claims are identified and explored. A thorough understanding of your rights is essential to deciding how best to proceed with any given case.

For instance, California law prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on their race, color, religion, sex, gender expression or identity, age (over 40), disability status, and sexual orientation. Additionally, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act protect pregnant women in the workplace by requiring employers to provide reasonable accommodation for any health-related needs resulting from pregnancy.

Access to Expert Resources 

Working with a law firm can provide victims of workplace discrimination access to the expert resources they need to successfully pursue a case. In addition to legal knowledge, a good lawyer will have experience in negotiating with employers and filing claims against them. This kind of expertise can be invaluable when trying to prove and win a case.

Some of the resources that a law firm may leverage when working on behalf of workplace discrimination victims include: 

  • Research – Expert research can uncover information about the employer’s past behavior, policies, and procedures. This kind of evidence can be critical to winning a case.
  • Witnesses – Experienced attorneys often have access to witnesses who can provide valuable testimony in the event of a trial.
  • Negotiation – A lawyer can help victims of workplace discrimination negotiate a settlement with their employer and ensure they receive fair compensation for any damages suffered as a result of the discrimination.

Protect Your Job 

Seeking legal counsel can help protect your job in cases of workplace discrimination—if an employer is taking retaliatory action against you for filing a discrimination claim, an attorney can intervene on your behalf and advocate for corrective measures to be taken by the employer.

Additionally, experienced attorneys can provide advice on how to protect your job leading up to a trial if you choose to pursue a case. They may offer advice on how to document all communications with your employer and keep a record of any work-related issues that have occurred.

Working with a law firm can provide victims of workplace discrimination access to the expert resources they need to successfully pursue a case

Avoid Costly Mistakes 

Navigating the court system can be complex and time-consuming, and mistakes made by those not familiar with its procedures can have costly consequences. Filling out the wrong paperwork, missing filing deadlines, or not understanding what evidence is required are all mistakes that could negatively impact your case.

Additionally, those who choose not to seek legal counsel may be at risk of accepting an inadequate settlement offer. An experienced lawyer can help you understand the full value of your potential claim and make sure that any settlement amount is fair and reasonable.

Maximize Potential Awards 

Furthermore, a legal representative can evaluate the evidence and arguments of both sides to determine what kind of compensatory or punitive damages you may be entitled to receive.

Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), victims of workplace discrimination are entitled to compensation for economic losses such as wages, benefits, or other forms of remuneration they would have otherwise received if not for their employer’s discriminatory acts. Victims may also receive non-economic damages such as emotional distress, humiliation, and embarrassment.

In addition, if a jury finds that the employer’s actions were malicious or oppressive, they may also be entitled to punitive damages. A good legal representative will be able to assess your situation and make sure you get the maximum recovery possible for your claim.

As you can see, seeking legal help is essential for workplace discrimination victims in LA. A good lawyer can provide access to expert resources and witnesses that can be invaluable when trying to prove a case.

They can also protect your job from retaliatory action taken by the employer, avoid costly mistakes while navigating the court system, and maximize potential awards, so you get fair compensation for any damages suffered as a result of the discrimination.

If you have been discriminated against at work or are facing other employment law issues in Los Angeles, an attorney will fight for your rights under state laws like FEHA.

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