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Quenching the Hunger of Babies – Organic Baby Milk

The most precious thing for parents is their child. They loved them most. Parents do more than they can do to provide a healthy and happy life for their children. Especially the mother gives her total effort to provide the best food and milk for their child. The infant baby needs the utmost care of her mother.

An infant baby is entirely dependent on milk. For babies, mother’s milk is the best. You can’t replace it. But for some mothers, breastfeeding is not possible due to their health reason or other reasons. Some said they don’t have space at the workplace to feed them, or they have some other issues.

For this reason, organic milk food comes into existence. In which 95% of the ingredient is organic. No one can indeed replace the mother’s food, but it reduces the problems of those mothers. Them breastfeeding is not possible for any reason. There are millions of organic milk companies available in the world. The most dominant milk formula parents love American and European formulas. 

The reason is quite simple it has more nutrition and is safe for their infant baby. The market for organic milk is too broad. Choosing the best one for your loved ones is difficult, but here you can find all the necessary details that will help you find out the best milk formula for your infant baby.

Better organic baby milk-

In the last 150 years, the evolution of organic milk has been quite significant. They are becoming better year by year. America has more than 50 organic milk formulas, but European baby formula is the most popular and healthy for the baby. Even the Americans are paying a premium to buy European baby formula. Because they have high standards and are more beneficial for infant babies. European baby milk has a more organic ingredient; that’s why parents are demanding it more. 

The European Board is rigorous in tracing the toxic substance in the baby formula. European milk has no antibiotics, no artificial colors, no pesticides, and synthetic preservatives. Another main reason is that U.S. organic milk brands use corn syrup and sucrose, which parents don’t like to give to their newborn babies. The demand for European formulas is more because their labeling is simplified—European formulas use simple labeling language to mention their ingredient list. 

Every parent looks for ingredients, especially for baby food. They will buy it if they find out their ingredient is safe for the child. European baby formula has organic and grass-fed milk, which is not available in American formula. The first choice of parents is the European formula because they find it more worthy and healthier for their loved ones.

The European formula is dominating the market undoubtedly. However, Americans are importing European formula-based milk illegally. Still, they are not regulated by the food authority of America, and the authority of the United States does not guarantee their safety. 

The leaders of baby milk formula-

There are thousands of companies doing the business of baby milk formula, but every market has one or two leaders who have the most of the market share. The baby milk formula is dominated by two big giants: Holle and HiPP. The HiPP company was started in Germany in 1899, and Holle was started in Switzerland in 1930.

The Holle formula and Hipp formula dominate this industry and provide healthy nutrition milk to infant babies. The Holle and HiPP have many years of expertise and give the babies safe and optimum quality milk. 

Holle formula is a lactose-based formula. The holle formula has whey to bring the protein ratio to a healthy balance. Holle formula has cow-based milk and goat-based milk. The percentage of protein in goat’s milk-based formula is low compared to cow’s milk-based formula. Holle formula does not have prebiotics or probiotics because they maintain a shortlist of ingredients. But parents can buy prebiotics or probiotics separately because they are best for infants. Another critical point of the Holle formula is that it did in European Baby Formulaot include DHA till 2020. 

But now, all Holle formula contains DHA derived from fish oil. The plus point of the Holle formula is that it also offers a goat milk option, which is a good option for those babies who are struggling to digest cow’s milk. For those babies who have a weak digestive system, goat’s milk is the best option. However, Holle produces many products, but their supreme and Holle formula is their first product known for its Demeter certification. 


Parents want to give the healthiest product to their babies. They don’t’ look at their pocket when it comes to their child’s health. We know that breastfeeding is best for an infant baby. Because it contains all nutrition in a balanced ratio according to the infant child’s digestive capacity, but for some mothers, breastfeeding is not possible due to their health issues.

Organic baby milk is the most important and must-have item for those moms. Organic baby milk is not a substitute for the mother’s milk, but it provides sufficient nutrition to the baby, which is essential for them. In the market, two formula milk are most popular: European baby formula and American baby formula. 

Both have their own merits and demerits. But both formulas provide the essential diet to newborn babies. There is a lot of debate about which Holle Formula is better, but both are produced under the regulatory activities of their country.

The supremacy of Holle formula is commendable because it provides all nutrition in their product and assurance of safety and healthy baby food. Holle formula has been quenching the hunger of children for years. The scientific and lab-tested Holle formula is the trust of millions of mothers giving organic baby milk to their infants without any hesitation.

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