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How to run PowerShell script from MSI

If you want to run a PowerShell Script from MSI but do not know how then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to tell you the ways on how to run PowerShell script from MSI to do this.

PowerShell Overview

Microsoft designed a tool, language, and framework to lessen the annoyance of IT professionals, which is known as “PowerShell.” Microsoft designed this framework to give ease to IT professionals and reduce their workload by mechanizing their tasks. It systemizes and computerizes their everyday tasks. It enables admins and users to automate their numerous tasks.

It systemizes and computerizes the tasks with scripts, commands, and executables. It is one of the most popular tools among managers because they have to do many tasks so, it enables them to automate and organize their tasks. It lets them script any tasks easily.

What is PowerShell Script?

A script is a collection of commands that are saved in the text file using the extension “.ps1.” PowerShell understands the commands saved in the text files and performs them to complete tasks automatically. PowerShell performs tasks rapidly and the users do not need to work hard the accomplishment of their tasks. They only have to give instructions to the PowerShell tool, which is understandable for the tool and enables the tool to perform the task easily.

PowerShell is one of the favorite tools that managers like to use because it enables them to script any task easily.

How to run PowerShell script from MSI

MSI is the acronym for “Microsoft Software Installer.” MSI is a window installer format that used Microsoft’s window installer for the confirmation of installer packages like window apps and update packages.

To run PowerShell from MSI, we are utilizing PACE Suite for packaging applications to display how you can easily run the PowerShell Script from an MSI. If you also want to use PACE Suite, you can get the 21 days trial version without paying.

You can run PowerShell from MSI by two methods:

1. Bringing PowerShell Script to MSI

Before performing the script, you can import the script that you need to run to MSI. You can do this by following the steps below:

  • Open the Files and Folders Tab
  • Then select “Package Designer” from the tab
  • Choose the option “Import Files” from the given menu and select the place where you need to import the script
  • Hit the “Add” key and then “Add Files” to select the script
  • Select the PowerShell script from the files and hit the “Open”
  • Hit the “Complete Operation” using the default options and hit the “Finish”

2. Run the script from MSI through Custom Actions

  • Open the ‘Custom Actions Tab’ then goes to the ‘Package Designer’ option
  • Hit the “Add” key and then hit the “Custom Action”
  • Hit the ‘Launch an EXE” and then hit “Next”
  • Hit the “Located on the system at Path” which is located in the command line then hit the “Browser”
  • Choose the folder in which you need to import your script and hit “Select”
  • Enter the execution policy Bypass file in the Command Line where you will get the name of your imported file in form of “filename.psscript.ps1”
  • After doing the above process, hit the “Next”
  • Choose the “Run after install file” option from “Execution Sequence” and then hit the “Finish” option
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