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How to Prevent a Cracked Phone Screen

Did you know one out of three Americans has a crack in their mobile device? A cracked phone will cost you money and stress you out. If you’d like to learn how to protect your phone screen, keep reading.

This guide will teach essential phone maintenance to protect your phone from a cracked screen. Pick up a screen protector, hard case, or pop socket.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

Try Using a Pop Socket

Pop sockets have become popular because they will hold your phone firmly. A pop socket will lower the risk of dropping your phone while you text or take a picture.

Pop sockets are plastic contraption that gets attached to the back of your mobile phone. There’s a circular base, stem, and disc.

It’s a popular phone accessory because people find it easier to hold their phone.

Use a Hard Case

It’s helpful to buy a hard case to protect your phone or tablet. Accidents happen all the time, and people will drop their phones. Place your phone in a protective case, like a hard case.

Look at getting a colorful and bright case. It will be easier to spot your phone, as well. Check out these Galaxy s22 plus cases.

You Could Pick up a Screen Protector

Look at installing your screen protector even if you have an older case.

A screen protector might not look super strong. The screen protector might seem insignificant. But it will protect your screen from cracks, scratches, or smudges.

Store Your Phone in a Safe Spot

Don’t throw your phone someplace precarious or where you might forget it. Place your phone in a safe area. Throwing your phone on the bed isn’t the answer. Try choosing a specific place where you’ll put your phone.

Put your phone on your bedside table. When you leave for work, place your phone in your purse or pocket.

Don’t Put Items Over Your Phone

Mobile devices are powerful but also a bit delicate with fragile inner parts. They can get damaged if you put a heavy object over the top. You can keep your phone safe and prevent it from falling.

Don’t Leave Coffee or a Water Bottle Near Your Phone

Liquids won’t crack your screen but can damage your mobile device screen. Don’t put your phone near drinks or other beverages. You shouldn’t bring your phone to the beach without a waterproof bag.

Don’t place your phone near the sink or toilet, either. One small nudge could send your phone into the water.

You Can Prevent a Cracked Screen

Do you know how to prevent a cracked screen now? Look at keeping up with regular phone maintenance by protecting your screen. Your screen could get cracked if it falls from your hand or hits the ground.

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