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How to Make Money on Instagram

Did you know that you can make money while on Instagram?  The following is how to go about it and within no time, you will be successfully making money on Instagram.

Start to build a solid followership

To market on social media successfully is known to be directly proportional to having several followers. Whether you obtain the followership before your efforts for marketing or after is not the point. 

You need to have large Instagram followers. You can decide to buy Instagram followers or gain them organically. When you have more, the higher the chances that you are going to be seen and the more likely you are going to turn the leads to sales. There are various ways in which you can grow your Instagram followers.  

Organically get followers through liking photos which are in your niche, asking others to follow you, socializing, coming up with contests, and much more. You should not forget to post and follow on several hashtags which are in your niche.

There are those who use marketing software to grown highly engaging and organic Instagram following. They are designed for use on Instagram for automating the organic growth of the followers and to skyrocket your engagement. 

Always provide a link inside your blog

The product links as well as the blog links are very important when you are out to make money on your Instagram. Every video, image, or whatever you share needs to have CTAs – which could be linked to your blogs or wherever they are going to find your item and purchase it. You have to also ensure that you place the item tag or number which could make the buying easier. 

Share images that are high quality

Even though Instagram has new features, it is and will always be about having to share great images. There is nothing that is going to entice your prospective customers or to make sure that you monetize your account more than what the beautiful, high quality images are likely going to do.

Try showing your follower more about your brand by using great images which might appeal to their senses visually. Show off your products and try to tell the story of the brand create images that are graphically altered and try to get creative.

If for example, you are into gym service, you can go ahead and show off the pictures of hunks who are hot while doing their workouts. In case you are selling yogurt, you go ahead and share images of the product plus other ways that you can utilize yogurt in various recipes.

Check out online to find out the way you can do great artistic pictures, amazing graphics so that you use it to enhance your images. You have to ensure that you share the photos of your current products. An example is whereby you are writing a book. You can take a snap of the new book cover and share it with when you are going to release it as the caption.

Utilize the video function

It is said that one picture is worth more than a thousand words thus, it means that, a video which has practically more than a thousand pictures will give you more. Because of the latest feature on Instagram, there is a video sharing of 15-second option that you can utilize to become creative.  

You can come up with a personal message for your audience and try telling them why you feel they need to try the new product that you are marketing. You can decide to share a 15 second process that is fast-paced of how you are building your creation. You don’t have a limit on how you can become creative as far as video building is concerned. 

Try to get involved with your fans

Most followers and fans are willing to be able to endorse your brand only for some recognition and of course, get a profile post about them. That could be a perfect way of engaging with your followers and outsource quality, original content. 

Give to your followers a chance of submitting their photos together with your product, sharing the experience they had in a video or whatever they like. The one who submits the best might get a discount on a product, a reward, or just some recognition via the name of your brand.

Organize events or contests

You need to ensure that people are out there on Instagram liking your image and following you as you are running a campaign that is cool or an event. Come up with deals that are exclusive for a short period and keep updating your followers on the way time is almost over – the urgency tone is something that greatly works. 

When you share special coupons or promotions, it is known to be another way of getting followers to get involved in contests, turning the leads into becoming sales. Try and ask them to double-tap or to ensure they tag their friends to get their names into a particular draw box. When you run campaigns and contests, one of the advantages is that you are going to create separate hashtags and keep all the contributions in a single place. 

Get clients’ testimonials

The happy clients need to upload videos or pictures of themselves while utilizing your product. There tend to be nothing more convincing other than some videos, images, or testimonials which provide certain social proof.

Get your job to be done by an influencer

If you know a particular celebrity, then you are lucky. But you need to know that, getting to a celebrity is not something that everyone can do especially on their Instagram profile. But there are other people who have an Instagram following which is large and you can easily access them.

If for example, you are trying to sell women’s apparel, you can look around for influencers online like entrepreneurs, fashion bloggers, or media gurus who have a larger fan following. The majority of the blogger models are willing in sharing what brands they wear and why purchasing them would be the best thing that you can do. It is a great way of generating referral traffic through the links in your blog and Instagram hashtags which are branded.

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