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How to Choose Songs That Fit Your Voice

As a singer, there are some factors that should be taken under consideration while choosing the songs that suit your voice impeccably. Making the correct choice will help you focus on enhancing the quality of your music and build good singing techniques.

If you are just starting out, it could be hard to tell if a song is a perfect fit for your voice? Here are some pointers to help you choose appropriate songs for your voice:

#1. Know your vocal range 

The vocal range is the span between the highest to lowest notes that you are able to sing. Picking up songs that are the most suitable for your vocal range is the key factor in singing. A song that is out of your vocal range can become straining for your voice.

Vocal range is all about pitch and everyone has a different pitch when it comes to singing. 

You can easily know your vocal range through a keyboard or through a variety of apps available online.

#2. The tempo of the song

To put it simply, tempo means how fast or slow a piece of music is played. Understanding the tempo of every song is critical for a vocalist. For beginners, it is recommended to practice songs at a slower tempo. Slow tempo for beginners helps in:

  • Better breathing patterns during the song
  • Controlled pitch and bringing clarity in phrases
  • Solidifying listening skills

You can easily sing higher tempo songs through consistent training and practice.

#3. Your voice type 

Familiarise yourself with your voice type and understand its technicalities. Try out different genres of music in different keys. Are you comfortable in hitting the high notes? Does your voice suffer ‘breaks’  while singing in a lower key? 

Trial and error may sometimes take a while without any guidance. To figure out what works for a beginner, hiring a vocal coach can be very helpful. The best way to find your own voice is by taking singing classes which can further boost your confidence and give you some direction. 

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your voice can help you bridge the gap between your capabilities and your real potential.

#4. Find your tessitura

The tessitura is the range in which a voice sounds best. Once you have figured out your vocal range, you can easily find your tessitura. You can find your tessitura by:

  • Singing through a variety of ranges. Check the level of comfort and your voice capacity when hitting different notes. 
  • Singing beyond your highest and the lowest notes. It will help you identify your comfortable singing zone. 

Do not push too hard by singing beyond your capacity, it can be harmful to your voice. The understanding of your tessitura comes with experience and good knowledge about singing.  

Music theory includes some difficult terminologies and techniques. The best way to learn singing is by taking up online singing courses that bring out the best in you. Getting the right singing course can help you understand the fundamentals, structure and concepts of singing. There’s no sure-fire way to success, you just have to be extremely passionate and hardworking in your pursuit!

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