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5 Tips on How to Build an Email Marketing Funnel That’s Optimized for Conversion

An email marketing funnel is a useful tool that’s often used by business operators or owners. It is a way you can potentially get your would-be clients to convert. A conversion in this context means you are getting the email recipient to act in the way you want. That usually means buying one of your products or utilizing one of your services.

You can hire an elite digital marketing agency in Utah if you live there and you are not sure how to do this. There are other high-end digital marketing agencies around the country if your business is based in a different state or city.

You can also keep the following tips in mind if you would like to try creating an optimized email marketing funnel on your own.

Use Keywords in Your Email’s Title

One thing you can do is to use a keyword generator to figure out the best keywords having to do with your niche. Then, once you’ve made a list of them, you can optimize your marketing emails with them.

The email’s title is one of the best places to feature these keywords. Try using one of the keywords or phrases in each email’s title that you know is likely to get a potential customer’s attention.

Use Keywords in the Body of Your Emails

The title is not the only place you should be using keywords. You can also place them strategically throughout the body of the email. These keywords are more likely to get you engagement. The analytic tools that you use to generate the keyword lists use previous customer habits to predict future behavior, which is why you should trust them.

Customize Emails Based on User Activities

Customizing emails based on past customer activity also makes sense from an optimization standpoint. You might have a few different email templates that you set up and send to different recipients based on your company’s relationship with them.

You may have a particular email you send to someone who bought something from you before and a different one you send to someone who has visited your website but never bought from you. The content of the email will vary slightly depending on past recipient behavior.

Entice Your Potential Customers with Freebies

You can also optimize your marketing emails with some free giveaways like eBooks or invitations to complimentary seminars. Consumers respond well to free things. A potential customer is a lot more likely to open and engage with an email that promises something free and has to do with a niche or industry in which they have previously shown an interest.

Use Retargeting Strategies to Address Shopping Cart Abandonment

Retargeting should also be a part of an optimized email marketing funnel. In particular, you should be focused on sending emails to individuals who have placed your products in their shopping cart but then have opted not to buy anything from you. The right email might be what it takes to convince such a person to convert.

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