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Innovation In Crime-Fighting- How Technology Can Empower The Police

Criminals have access to modern technology these days, making it harder to catch them. But it isn’t a one-sided game because law enforcement agencies have a fair share of innovations too.

Everything boils down to choosing the right technologies and implementing them smartly, and the police can get one step ahead of the preparators. If you are on a mission to curb crime in your areas, you must know your options. Here are some ways to leverage innovation in crime-fighting.

Data mapping

The technology of data mapping has been around for a long time. But it is new to the criminal justice professionals and federal agencies. They can use data mapping to get a clear geographical view of the types and frequency of crime in a specific area. It can help trace the high-risk areas and connect them with organized crimes such as drug rings and serial murders. Further, the police can use the data to concentrate on such locations and reduce crime with preventive measures.


Like data mapping, biometrics is a popular technology that has emerged in the criminal justice field recently. Agents can use biometrics to spot criminals in disguise with the help of identification devices fed with past records. They can also use these handheld devices to collect digital fingerprints of suspects and compare them with ones available in the database. Catching a criminal on the spot is much easier when information is available in real-time.

Smartphone tracking

Smartphone tracking is a valuable innovation for law enforcement agencies as criminals rely greatly on their mobile devices to plan and organize crime. It is possible to track the whereabouts of suspects and victims through the location of their devices. The police can even use a mobile device forensics tool to crack evidence and information from smartphones. This innovation can be a life-saver for the innocent accused as it can prove their innocence.

Social media

Like smartphones, social media can serve as a wealth of crucial information about crime and preparators. Agents can follow the activities of suspects through their social media feeds and pick details that could implicate them. Police departments even have dedicated social media accounts to engage with communities and get tips in real-time. They can also gauge the feedback of communities through these accounts and make efforts to enhance security in their areas.


Another impressive innovation in the criminal justice field is surveillance advancements. Technologies such as WiFi, remote monitoring, and robotics are helping police departments to monitor high-risk areas. They can also deter repeat criminal behavior by restricting the movements of rehabilitated convicts to their homes. In a way, these innovations reduce the burden on prisons and save taxpayers’ money. Not to mention, they make the community a safer place to live in.

Without any doubt, technology continues to empower and enhance law enforcement. The police can prevent security disasters in the first place and solve crimes faster than ever with these innovations. They assure a better and safer environment for the public in the years to come.

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