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How Spotify changed the Music Industry

The music industry has changed since the turn of the decade. Listening to music has become much easier compared to before. Now, if you want to listen to your favourite song, via a few taps on your phone you can do so and this is because of apps like Spotify. Spotify has been at the top of the music streaming industry for a very long time.

Artists aim at releasing their music and podcasts on Spotify to get more recognition which brings us to the part where Spotify is used by people from all around the world.

As mentioned before, now that podcasts are available, the podcast industry has been doing better than ever before. Not to forget the Spotify Editorial playlists are giving several independent musicians a platform where they can be known.

Now, for the artists, it can be a difficult task to get a huge number of listeners and play their music. Spotify also has a new app called, “Spotify for Artists” which also helps the artist know who is listening to their track from which part of the world. Now, there is also the option where one can buy Spotify plays which can help their Spotify account insights.

What you should know about Spotify

Here are some of the pointers that you must know about Spotify that can help you use the app better. 

  • Note that there are two versions of Spotify that you can use, the basic and the premium version. When it comes to the basic app, you can listen to your music whenever but may have to go through some of the advertisements which can be a little less interesting. On the other hand, the premium version helps you listen to your favourite music without any interruptions but you have to pay a monthly subscription for the premium version to enjoy those extra privileges.
  • For the artists on the hand, advertisements can help them to a great extent. When releasing their music, their marketing strategy makes a huge difference which is why they can promote their songs by using Spotify advertisements. This can lead to newer engagement and more exposure for the artist. Often despite the good quality audio, the song art and countless amounts of sharing, artists may not get the recognition that they are searching for. This is where they can send their music to music bloggers and pitch their music to Spotify to be featured on Spotify editorial playlists. Such methods can help the artist know more about what they can do to promote their music better. 
  • The “Spotify for Artists” app can help the artist in describing themselves. This way, every time a listener wants to know anything about the artist, they can look at the artists’ description and even find their social media accounts.
  • Now through websites like Jaynike, you can also buy Spotify plays and listeners which can help artists get more recognition and exposure. This is a simple online transaction where you can buy the desired number of likes or plays and have them on your Spotify account instantly.

These are some of the features of Spotify which make it different and special compared to the other apps which is the reason why Spotify is considered to be the best music streaming app. You may also read about Rapper King Von Autopsy and Impact on Drill Music.

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