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How Instagram Is Delivering What Customers Want With Big Data and AI

Instagram started modestly in 2010 as a smartphone app for sharing photos. It has since then set a scorching pace of growth with users taking a fancy to its visual focus and today boasts of more than one billion monthly active users.

With over 90 million photos and videos uploaded every single day and users liking, commenting, and sharing them, the amount of data that has to be managed by Instagram is humongous.

With such a huge volume of posts, users ended up missing what they were interested in, prompting Instagram to make a switch from its chronological order of displaying posts to a new AI-based system that analyzes user preferences and interests. Some of the ways Instagram is using the power of AI and Big Data

Instagram Explore Page 

Getting your post featured on the Instagram Explore page can be a dream-come-true as you can hit the jackpot in terms of brand awareness and organic engagement, outside of your follower base. It is done by analyzing the users’ past behavior on Instagram in terms of subjects of interest, likes, and comments.

The chances of your posts appearing on the Explore Page increase with the level of engagement by your followers as it gets a better opportunity of showing up in their followers’ Explore Pages, creating a snowball effect that can give you posts a very large viewership.

A high level of engagement by your followers also sends a strong signal to Instagram to display it in the Explore Pages of those who have displayed interest in that niche. If your account does not have the desired level of engagement, you can buy real likes on Instagram to get the ball rolling. With more than 500 million users active on Instagram every single day getting on to the Explore Page could be a game-changer as far a customer engagement is concerned.

The Algorithm of the Instagram Explore Page 

While the current Explore Pages is essentially a progression of the earlier “Popular” page, the difference is that it delivers content of interest, specific to individual user’s behavior on Instagram concerning the kind of posts likes and engaged with.

The AI-based algorithm powering the Explore page picks up the interaction signals and boosts the visibility of content that matches the kind of posts the user has liked in the past.

The Explore Page is of vital importance to businesses because not only do their posts show up more often on the feeds of users with a history of engaging with them but also to other Instagram users who are interested in the kind of content you are posting but not have interacted with you. The Explore page, therefore, is a gateway to an undiscovered potential audience.

Instagram Search Function

Instagram Search Function

By factoring in information about trends and the by taking the help of tags, Instagram helps users to find content specific to the topic, activity, or event. Users can also discover new shopping outlets, restaurants, experiences, or other places of interest, both locally and globally.

The hashtags embedded in the posts as well as information in the bio section of the Instagram user helps the platform users to find and explore the content of their interest from among the millions of posts being uploaded daily by users around the globe.

Target Advertising

Instagram collects a lot of information about its users and their interests from their activities on the app. By analyzing the engagement metrics of its users, Instagram can add value to the data it collects and transform it into valuable information for brands trying to connect with audiences with specific demographic and psychographic profiles.

Businesses can use these insights to target their advertisements as well as content to these audiences. Instagram uses the concepts and techniques of both Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to analyze the behavior of users in many different ways to assist businesses to target their communication based on what users like, the accounts they follow and interact with.

Provide Superior User Experience

Instagram needs to show its users what they like so that they will continue to find value in staying on the platform. It becomes progressively more challenging for users to find the content they desire due to the rapidly increasing volume of content posted on the platform.

To facilitate users to find the content of their preference, Instagram change its feed for the then-existing reverse-chronological order to a system that they believed took into account the interests of users to offer them the content of their interest in their feed.

The new system is made possible by the application of machine-learning algorithms that crawled through the posts and their engagement to figure out patterns in user behavior and discover what users find relevant and find valuable. The algorithm then uses this information to create personalized feeds for every individual user of Instagram, observes a consultant at Iigers, a leading social media marketing agency.

Filter Spam 

Fake information online is assuming greater proportions every single day. From innocent pranks to the deliberate spreading of misinformation intended to destabilize governments, fake information is a serious concern for social media platforms trying to maintain their integrity.

Spam spoils the user experience of the platform to a great extent and they have it tough to find the information they can rely on. Instagram employs AI technology to filter spam or fake messages from accounts in several languages apart from English, such as Chinese, Arabic, Russian, etc.

The messages are deleted automatically upon detection by DeepText, the AI-powered analytics algorithm used by both Instagram and Facebook. It is believed that DeepText’s capabilities to understand the meaning and context of a post are close to what human beings can achieve. DeepText has also been used to remove content that is used by cyberbullying and other violations of its Community Guidelines


The process of delivering content on Instagram is much more than its users posting content for consumption. Instagram uses advanced concepts of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Big Data to analyze the mountain of data being generated every minute and offer its users an experience that they find relevant and valuable.

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