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How Does Instagram Growth Algorithm Works

So, you just created the best Instagram post!

The intricate details, the perfect color schemes, all the required hashtags, and all the important details in the post!

This post is sure to make your followers happy and attract new ones.

Then what is the problem?


If you want your post to turn from creative to a masterpiece, then here is all you need to do!

So for all you internet Picasso, here is something that you need to know in order to ensure that your target audience is seeing your post.

If you want your great masterpiece worth Instagram content to get exposed to a huge range of audiences, you need to be in the good books of the all-mighty (someone who is the most indecisive).

Instagram algorithm!

So, what is the Instagram algorithm, and what exactly do you do?

In short, it is one of the instagram growth techniques.

Keep reading to know everything that you need to know about Instagram algorithms and how they work.

What Is Instagram Algorithm

The instagram algorithm is always influenced by a lot of data and ranking.

These are factors that will make every user an influencer’s feed tailored according to their application usage.

It is basically seeing what Instagram believes the user will like…yes, they decide it.

Remember when we said that the Instagram algorithm is anything but decisive? Then here is what you need to know.

Instagram algorithms are fickle, and they are changing!

But then again, users’ choices and trends keep changing, so we cannot blame Instagram.

Instagram business accounts and online stores will have different algorithms. But why should we be concerned about the instagram algorithm? Well, here is why.

How Instagram Algorithm Works

Here are some of the key factors with which Instagram algorithms will work for you and how they actually rank.

1. Number Of Followers

Instagram will always take note of the number of pages/creators/accounts that you follow.

For Instagram, algorithm followers are like currency!

They will always try to prioritize the posts in anyone’s feed and decide whom to show first based on their follower count.

However, it doesn’t always mean that your post will be at the top just because you have more followers. The engagement rate also matters in this case.

2. Scheduled Post

Instagram will always want its users to be at the top of the game. This means you remain at the top as long as you post a scheduled entry every day.

However, these posts need to be up-to-date and in trend with the seasons. For example, if you put out a Christmas-themed post in June, you are less likely to be in the news.

Instagram will always survey the timeliness of any new post to determine whether it is still relevant to your follower’s interest.

Instagram ensures that each user’s feed is designed with seasonal schedule content because new posts are trendy and are more essential.

3. Information In The Post

Yes, you might think that everything on Instagram is for the purpose of art and photography, but never forget one thing called the content.

This includes seeing things like how many trending hashtags this post has, if there is a catchy headline that is liked by the user, etc.

4. Interaction With Followers

This is the most crucial point to see how interested your follower is in seeing your posts.

Here are the five interaction points that Instagram takes into consideration before the algorithm decides whether the post is worth the hype. Spend a couple of seconds on the post.

– The number of comments and how many times the creator has replied.

– The number of likes in the post, obviously.

– How many followers have actually saved your post

– How many non-followers were interested in your profile.

All For The Gram!

When you are doing something for the internet, ensure that you do it perfectly!

Because they are going to pick it apart from more than you could think, they will see the information, the pictures, the hashtags, even the number of times you are posting.

So, if you are serious about using Instagram for the purpose of influencing or social media marketing, then here are some to keep following the algorithm to be in its good books.

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