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How are Wipro shares performing in the market?

Recently, Wipro share price has been in the news. According to Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji, 300 employees were let go when the company discovered a rival concurrently employed them. TCS’ quarterly results revealed a mixed performance, while other Tech giants like HCL Tech had nothing particularly noteworthy to share.

Supply-side pressures have impacted the margins of Indian IT businesses during the last few quarters. Growing travel costs brought this on, pay revision costs and retention costs. The reports from HCL Tech and TCS, which were underwhelming, suggested that Wipro may not be in good shape.

Analysts previously anticipated that Wipro would publish mixed profits, with a predicted fall in profit.

Analysisof Q1 result

The outcomes of Wipro’s Q1 may be summarised in these five ways.

  • The consolidated net profit for Wipro decreased by 20.9% year over year (YoY) to Rs. 25.6 billion. Higher employee-related expenditures drove up the company’s expenses, which was the cause of this.
  • A year ago, at this time, the business had generated a net profit of Rs. 32.3 billion.
  • Revenues at Wipro increased 17% to Rs. 215.3 billion from Rs. 182.5 billion in the previous fiscal year.
  • The business noted that its operating margin for IT services for the quarter was 15%, a decline of 200 bps from the previous quarter.
  • The company stated in its projection for the next quarter that it anticipates IT services business revenue to be from US$2,817 million to US$2,872 million. This results in a progression of growth of 3-5%.
  • About 10,000 of the 15,446 new hires the business made during the quarter were rookies.
  • For the quarter, earnings per share were Rs. 4.69 ($0.06), and Net Income for the quarter was Rs. 25.6 billion ($324.4 million).
  • Our closing employee strength for IT Services was 258,574, up 15,446 QoQ.

“We have made major investments in Wipro’s growth engine and are extremely happy with the results,” stated Thierry Delaporte, CEO and Managing Director. With the help of sizable transformative projects, our order bookings increased 32% YoY in terms of Total Contract Value, and our pipeline is at an all-time high right now. We keep up the investments that help us expand our company, be flexible in the marketplace, and operate efficiently as a company while maintaining our commitment to providing even more excellent customer service.

“We are continually investing in solutions and capabilities for our growth to improve further our position as a strategic partner for our clients,” said JatinDalal, chief financial officer. We consider that we have reached a bottom at 15% of operating margins.


“While Wipro’s’ revenue mostly met forecasts, its margins fell short of them. Recent attempts at restructuring, including a more straightforward operational structure, a step up in capability upgrades, and talent management under new leadership, augur well for Wipro in the medium run. However, the primary obstacles to maintaining margins in the short future would be supply issues and wage increases. We now rate Wipro share price as BUY with a 12-M target price of Rs. 570.”

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