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High-Quality TV Stands – A Must-Have for Every Home

Many of the best TV stands also store media components and gadgets. Some even come with cord-tidying cutouts in the back.

You can filter options by color, size, and whether the furniture has cutouts in the back for running cords. Most buffets, consoles, and sideboards are solid wood, but some are reclaimed or eco-friendly.


A glass TV stand can add a touch of glamour and style to your living room. Its transparent construction blends in with the rest of your furniture, creating a cohesive look and highlighting other decorative elements. It is also easy to clean, so you can keep it dust-free.

Many glass TV stands feature shelves made from tempered glass, which provides durability and strength. Higher quality models like those on https://samsungparts.com include thicker shelves, such as 10mm or 12mm, to reduce vibration, affecting your equipment’s sound and video quality.

Look for a TV stand with built-in cable management systems to hide and organize your wires. This will minimize the risk of accidents and prevent them from being damaged by children or pets. It’s also important to consider the height of your screen when choosing a TV stand, as it should be at a comfortable viewing angle. A good rule of thumb is to place the TV about four inches above your eye level.

Solid Wood

Wood TV stands add a warm, classic look to your living room. They also complement any decor style, from traditional to contemporary. Solid wood can withstand significant wear and tear and can easily be cleaned by wiping away dust or spills. Wood hues can range from light to dark, giving you plenty of options for a stylish design that matches your space.

You can choose a wooden TV stand with cabinets or drawers to store your media accessories and electronics. These storage areas offer a safe place for devices you want to keep hidden. They can also help prevent wires from getting tangled and out of control.

Many of these TV stands have back-side cord clips to make it easy to reach and access electrical plugs. For example, the Parker reclaimed wood media console has three open shelves and two cabinets with glass doors. This sturdy cabinet is handcrafted in the USA and offers free curbside delivery.


Metal TV stands offer a sleek industrial design while blending with modern home decor styles. Unlike wood, they don’t show wear and tear easily and can be cleaned simply by wiping away dust or spills. They’re also lighter than many other stand types, making them easier to move around or reposition.

They’re often made of durable metals like stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum, which are more durable and affordable than solid wood. They can also be paired with glass shelves for an added aesthetic appeal. These shelves add transparency to a space, making it appear more open and prominent.

In addition to providing functional storage options, many of these stands have wire management systems to help keep unsightly cords organized and out of sight. This feature can make it easier to use devices like video games and routers and make it easy to run power cables between the TV and other components in the room.


A TV stand isn’t just a functional piece of furniture for your living room but a bold accent that adds character and personality to the space. The material it is constructed from influences how it looks, how durable it will be, and more. The suitable stand will balance durability and aesthetics, making it easy to maintain and stylish to the eye.

When choosing a TV stand, it is essential to consider the size of your television. Most standard TV sizes are measured diagonally from the corner, so measuring your screen fully with the frame included is essential.

Storage is another essential consideration for many homeowners, and a well-designed TV stand can make it easier to keep your electronic accessories organized and dust-free. Several modern styles have storage compartments for DVD players, video game consoles, and other devices. Maintaining these items contained can reduce clutter and create an attractive aesthetic.

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