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Hassle-free Gaming Using the Windows OS

Everybody enjoys relieving stress in different ways. While some enjoy going out, others like to play video games and relieve stress. Gaming is an ever-growing industry, especially in the 21st Century.

People have started making a living out of playing various games online. A few such games include PUBG, FIFA, Counter-Strike, and so on. Windows-based operating systems use Direct X for handling such multimedia applications. As such, files like d3dx9_32.dll, xinput1_3.dll, etc., are components of these applications.

These files often pose errors for users. There are multiple reasons as to why these errors occur, and as such, this article will focus on understanding the same.

Direct X and its need

As previously stated, Direct X or Direct X 3D is a library that includes different APIs for the best operation of multimedia contexts. These are examples. DLL files function in games and applications created using Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Redistributable packages.

One advantage of these files is the fact that they can run concurrently. In today’s world, most developers make use of these when creating applications. As a result, Microsoft greatly assists developers in creating apps for their Operating Systems by offering outstanding libraries with different components critical to the operation of these programs.

Errors Faced by Users

i) Missing Files – Files often go missing. The primary reason is faulty installations. Incorrect registry entries also result in a file not being recognised by the computer. As such, when a file goes missing, applications return error messages like “dll not found”.

ii) Access Violations – Authorisation is a vital necessity for such files. Users often have anti-viruses and firewalls that do not allow them to run these applications freely. As such, these files get blocked by such applications and are considered malware. 

iii) Corrupt Files – Malware and viruses are also potential sources of this error. The virus is likely to infect the user’s system files in such cases. As a result, critical files necessary for the application’s correct execution may be damaged or deleted. Users need to ensure deleting such malware before they damage the system.

iv) Outdated Files – Another prevalent error in today’s scenario is due to files not being updated frequently. As such, these files return error messages notifying users that an update is needed. Windows-based operating systems have automatic Windows-Updates, but these files stay the same due to various circumstances.

Solutions to these Errors 

While there are many errors, there are also various solutions. Here are some easy steps to resolve these issues.

i) Reinstall the Software – The first thing an individual can do is reinstall the software. This process is quick, but users risk losing existing data. As such, users do not prefer reinstalling the software to that extent.

ii) Download – Another solution is to download the missing or corrupt file. This solution, while being simple, poses several threats. One needs to ensure the safety of their system before indulging in downloading files on the internet.

iii) Windows Update: Another solution a user can try is to update their Operating System. Windows provides its users with features like Updates and Restore by default. As such, these features help users in resolving errors related to the optimal functioning of the system.

In conclusion, one can actually observe that there are multiple benefits to Direct X and Dynamic Link Libraries. These .dll files play a vital role in the optimal functioning of third-party software.

While they’re not exposed directly to the user, they’re processes running concurrently in the background. As such, these processes pose various errors. However, one can solve them with ease using the steps mentioned above. 


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