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A Quick Guide to the Best Mobile-Games in 2022

The mobile gaming market is booming with a $235 billion dollar increase in profits on the horizon. Mobile games provide the most accessible way to game on the go.

The increase in technology is giving mobile games high graphical upgrades. It’s also allowing companies to port their games into mobile applications.

Are you looking for some great games to play next year? This short guide will show you the best mobile-games arriving in 2022.

PUBG: New State

Everyone is looking forward to the next iteration in the famous battle royale-style shooter. This is not only the most well-known but possibly the most hyped game in the next year.

At this time, there are around 70 million pre-registrations. This number is raking it in as one of the biggest mobile games of all time.

As a successor to PUBG: Mobile began losing popularity, developers began implementing a new installment.

The mobile games platform adds new content, improvement of graphics, and a future setting in the year 2051. There are also new mechanics that allow players to dodge and maneuver around gunfights.

Apex Legends: Mobile

Another popular game making the rounds is the update to Apex Legends. This game is similar to PUBG in that it puts players in a battle royale shooter environment.

It also allows players to team up in threes to battle to the last minute. Each player provides unique characteristics and mechanics to help maneuver through the game.

This fast-paced shooter forces players to work in interconnecting three-person teams to complete objectives. A ring encloses the space, similar to PUBG, to encourage unique action sequences.

The mobile games store allows players to gain access to more skins and different weapon models as well.

In addition, players from the PC world are awarded mobile-exclusive items. They can also research mobile game tips to help their team tactics.

Valorant: The Mobile Game

Valorant: Mobile is a popular Counter-Strike-style mobile game coming to the mobile market in 2022. It is a perfect mixture of Counter-Strike and Blizzard’s Overwatch.

It is a team-based shooter with heroes utilizing special abilities. You have attackers and defenders fighting to capture a base. This involves planting a bomb and destroying the base.

The voice acting and cel-shaded art give life and characterization to the game. You start with a basic pistol and signature ability.

As you win more rounds, the game awards money to help purchase more weapons and activate other abilities. The mobile games guide can help you research winning tactics when planting the spike on an enemy base.

Unranked involves 25 rounds, meaning players who reach 13 rounds first win the game. Other game modes include ranked, deathmatch, spike rush, snowball fights, and more.

This is high on the top mobile games recommendation list as it is highly regarded on PC. You can click here for more action-oriented mobile games that suit your taste!

The Game Hype: Best Mobile-Games

2022 is looking like a fantastic year for mobile gamers as companies are working together to release the best content. The graphical upgrades and the PC ports are building a whole new mobile gaming community.

If you are upgrading your phone, make sure to pick up one of these titles to test out the specs. These games are great for commuters and other players looking to kill time in the best way possible.

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