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A Company’s Guide To Investing In Smart Lock Solutions

Locking solutions are a critical part of any company’s security. They’re essential for protecting a company’s assets and keeping people safe. And with the rise of business technology and security systems, more businesses are using locks that they can control remotely via the internet. 

Before smart lock solutions, it’s worth noting that mechanical locks, such as Lockr Hasp, are also beneficial for businesses today with high levels of security concerns. These locks are portable; hence, companies can choose the location where they’re installed and place them anywhere that fits their needs.  

But in addition to installing mechanical locks, smart lock solutions are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, the market for smart lock solutions is expected to grow at a rate of 19.5% from 2022 to 2039. And it’s due to the growing need for secure access control. 

That said, if you’re looking to invest in smart lock solutions, read the information to know more about them and how to choose the right smart lock for your company. 

What Are Smart Lock Solutions? 

As people worldwide become connected due to the internet and technology, the number of things businesses have to secure has grown exponentially. Notably, with the rise of internet-connected devices, it’s no longer enough to protect an office with a simple bolt lock. With so many ways for hackers to enter your systems, keeping track of who has access to critical locations of your business is essential.  

That’s why smart lock companies, such as Ojmar, develop various smart lock solutions. Smart locks let you monitor who has access to each part of your building or parking lot without having to check on them physically every day. They’re a great way to add security to your business and are more than just a fancy door handle. 

From the inside, a smart lock solution looks like any other lock. You can put a key into it and walk away or use an app on your phone to unlock it. But when you walk away, the lock will automatically bolt itself and alert you via text or push notification that someone has tried to enter your establishment. 

Benefits Of Smart Lock Solutions 

Here are the benefits your company can get from investing in smart lock solutions: 

  • Enhanced Security

Smart locks are more secure than traditional locks because they can be programmed to open only when a specific person or group has access. That means if a hacker or other intruder attempts to gain access through the lock, it’ll automatically deny them. It can help keep your establishment safe and secure. 

  • Improved Customer Experience

By adding smart locks to your company’s entryways, you can ensure that your visitors know when it’s okay to enter and leave the premises. You won’t have to worry about visitors wandering around the building after hours because they can’t find an exit. 

  • Cost Savings

Smart locks are typically more affordable than traditional keyless entry systems, so you’ll save money by reducing costs, such as on maintenance costs over time. These systems also require less staff time for maintenance and repair, so you can save even more money by reducing overhead expenses in your business. 

  • Intruder Alerts

Smart locks can alert your phone when someone tries to enter the premises without permission. It can help you identify potential intruders and respond accordingly. You can also use these alerts to monitor staff’s movements and ensure they stay on task throughout the day. It can help you ensure that your business is operating efficiently and effectively. Since you’ll be able to see where your staff members are at any given time, it’ll help you manage labor costs more efficiently. 

  • Access Control

With the access control smart locks feature, you can program them to grant access to specific people, locations, and times. It can help you monitor who’s entering your building at any time or restrict access to certain areas during certain hours. You can also use smart locks to limit access to people who do not have a key card. For instance, if you want only team members with permission to enter the building after hours, you can set up your system so that only those people will be allowed through the door.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Smart Lock

Things To Consider When Choosing A Smart Lock

Smart locks come in different forms: keypad locks, biometric lock systems, and voice-activation options are all common ways to set up smart locks. The features that you need to consider when choosing the best smart lock include the following: 

Functionality: The most important thing to look for in a smart lock is functionality. You should make sure that it can open and close an entryway with a single touch of a button on a smartphone, allowing you to do so remotely while still being able to check on who’s coming into your office. The best smart locks are also designed with multiple entry codes so only certain team members can access certain parts of your company anytime. 

Security: Security is another crucial consideration when choosing a smart lock. You should ensure that your lock has some anti-theft features, such as tracking who enters and exits the company so that you can see if any unauthorized individuals are entering or leaving without permission. 

Ease Of Use: The best smart locks are easy to use. They don’t require installation or technical knowledge and can be programmed with simple steps. Look for a smart lock with an app that easily controls your locks from anywhere. You can use the app to lock or unlock entryways and check whether they’re open or closed. 

Design: The design of your smart lock is also essential. It’s best to choose a model that suits your company’s aesthetic and looks good on the entrance. You should also make sure that it doesn’t look out of place or clash with other elements around your establishment. 

Price: The price of your smart lock can range anywhere from USD$100 to USD$300. The higher-end models are typically more advanced, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better than cheaper options. You should choose a product that fits your security budget and provides all the essential features you need. 


All in all, investing in smart lock solutions is a great way to ensure your company’s security and productivity. You can use the points above as a guide to help you invest in the right smart lock solutions for your company.

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