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Granite Tiles Vs. Granite Slabs: What To Choose?

Granite’s wide selection of colours, textures, and patterns have drawn the attention of both non-professional and professional remodelers in Sydney. Take a look at several of Sydney’s home renovation blogs to discover how passionate people are about the natural stone in bathrooms, patios, kitchens, and gardens.

It’s a rigid, long-lasting material prized in Sydney for its stunning natural stone designs and patterns. On the other hand, Granite slabs are relatively costly, but they are well worth the investment. Granite tiles in Sydney are a lot less expensive than granite slabs.

The tiles save money in part because they are thinner than the granite slab. The distinctions between tiles and slabs are listed here that will assist in selecting granite slab and granite tile installations.

Granite Tiles: What Are They?

Granite tiles provide the same look and feel as actual granite stone. To provide authenticity, the wavy pattern found in natural granite stone is recreated in granite tiles. Granite tile is created by treating igneous (volcanic) rock until the surfaces are polished. The smoothing procedure can also draw out the rock’s unique beauty. They are available in pre-cut forms and sizes ranging from 12″ X 12″ to 24″ X 24.”

Granite Slabs: What Are They?

Granite does not appear in the shape of a slab from the soil. Granite is mined and sorted into big chunks at quarries. These blocks are subsequently sliced into slabs, which are thin sheets. After cutting the stones, it is polished before being delivered to the fabricator. Because they are cut to measure according to the specifications of a home’s countertop, they are far more expensive than tiles.

Differences In Appearance

Granite slabs can have more visible and continuous patterns and motifs since they are carved in larger proportions. These designs may make the slab one-of-a-kind in your kitchen, allowing you to claim it as your own. On the other hand, Granite tiles are chopped into smaller pieces to make them appear more consistent.

Which One Is Easier To Install?

Even though granite slabs are much heavier and possibly fragile, they only need to be installed once. Professionals can install it in one sitting by numerous employees. You’d also have to look at one piece to tell if it is correct.

On the other hand, granite tiles are lighter than slabs. They are simple to install, and a single person can install them quickly. It will take longer to put together numerous smaller components. You’ll also need to examine each tile to ensure that it’s placed perfectly.

Differences In Cost

Granite slabs are cut to size and are the more expensive of the two materials. They may cost anything from $80 to $150 per square foot or more. Granite tiles are a fraction of the cost of even the most affordable granite slab.

They may range from $10 to $30 per square foot. Even when you include labour charges, they are still less expensive. Homeowners who can install themselves will save even more money. Granite tiles are also less challenging to carry, lowering shipping expenses.

Granite Slabs Or Tiles: What Should You Choose?

Two factors always restrict any design: your budget and your creativity. Being dishonest about your financial capacity on a project will cause additional issues. It’s up to the person to use their imagination. You can engage expert assistance, which will bring you full circle back to your budget.

If you can only afford to choose granite tiles, you aren’t necessarily getting the short end of the stick. Yes, slabs are more popular, but you can still create your ideal kitchen with the aid of granite tiles in Sydney with a few strokes of brilliance and originality. For other people, a limited budget may be just what they need to stimulate their creativity. Also, know the Right Time to Clean Up the House and many more informative articles on The Tech Diary.


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