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How to Get Coffee Stains Out of Rugs and Carpet

More than half of all American adults admit they can’t get their days started without having a cup of coffee. They’ve come to appreciate the jolt of energy the caffeine in coffee can provide.

If you love coffee, you likely kickstart each of your days with a cup at home. This might work wonders for your body and mind. But it can also lead to coffee stains on your rugs and carpets over time.

If you ever get a coffee stain on a rug or carpet, there will be a few simple steps you’ll want to take immediately. They’ll stop rug stains from setting in and help you avoid having to do extensive rug cleaning down the line.

Are you interested in learning how to clean coffee stains from rugs and carpets? Continue reading to find out how to stop these rug and carpet stains in their tracks.

Deal With a Coffee Stain ASAP

If you spill coffee on a rug or carpet first thing in the morning, you may be tempted to tell yourself you’ll deal with it later. But you should try not to take this approach to dealing with coffee stains.

If you allow coffee stains to linger for too long, they might end up being difficult to get out. So as soon as you notice a coffee stain on a rug or carpet, you should spring into action to try to remove it.

The sooner you’re able to start trying to get a coffee stain out of a rug or carpet, the better your chances of erasing it completely.

Blot a Coffee Stain

When you begin trying to get rid of a coffee stain, you might think rubbing it with a clean cloth will do the trick. But in reality, this might make a coffee stain even worse than it already was and put you in a position where it’ll be more challenging to clean.

Rather than rubbing a coffee stain, you should blot it with a clean cloth. This will help lift a lot of the coffee on your rug or carpet and make the stain more manageable.

Start at the outside of your coffee stain and slowly work your way closer to the middle of it. Ideally, you should start to see this stain lighten right before your very eyes.

Clean a Coffee Stain

Once you’ve spent a few minutes blotting a coffee stain, it should be significantly lighter than it was before. At this point, you’ll be able to actually start cleaning it to make it go away.

If you happen to have a commercial rug and carpet cleaner handy, you can use that to clean coffee stains. Otherwise, you can create your own cleaning concoction by mixing two cups of warm water with one tablespoon of dish soap and one tablespoon of white vinegar.

Either way, you should pour a rug and carpet cleaner on a coffee stain, let it sit for a few minutes, and then continue to blot the stain. It should lighten even more than it already has.

Rinse a Coffee Stain

After you’re done cleaning a coffee stain from a rug or carpet, you’ll need to rinse it really well. You should do this with cold water.

Pour a little bit of cold water on your rug or carpet and keep on blotting the coffee stain or at least what’s left of it until it’s mostly dry. At that point, you can stop blotting and give your rug or carpet an opportunity to air dry.

As long as you took the right steps while attacking a coffee stain, you shouldn’t be able to see it anymore. Your rug or carpet should look almost like new again.

Repeat These Steps If a Coffee Stain Remains

Do you still see a coffee stain after cleaning a rug or carpet in your home? This might mean you didn’t take enough time to work your way through each of the steps we just listed.

In this case, you should consider repeating each of the steps you just took to see if you’re able to get better results. You might have a tough coffee stain on your hands that’ll need to be dealt with accordingly.

Call a Carpet Cleaning Company

In the grand scheme of things, coffee stains aren’t that hard to get out of rugs and carpets. You should be able to tackle a task like this on your own quickly without doing any further harm to a rug or carpet.

But if you’re struggling to get coffee stains or other types of stains out of a rug or carpet, you might need to take more drastic measures. You might also have to think about taking these measures if you’re unable to get down on the floor to clean a rug or carpet.

In this case, you should call on a carpet cleaning company you know you can trust to assist you. Visit bosscarpetcleaning.com to get immediate access to the best carpet cleaning services around.

Don’t Let Coffee Stains Ruin Rugs and Carpets

If you spend enough time drinking coffee throughout the course of your life, you’re eventually going to spill it. It can result in you having coffee stains on some of the rugs and carpets in your home.

You don’t need to let these coffee stains ruin your home’s rugs and carpets. You can clean them up in a hurry by taking the steps found here. It’ll leave your home’s rugs and carpets looking fantastic at all times.

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