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From Help Desk to Cybersecurity: Career Paths for Entry Level IT Jobs

A career path in IT support is a lucrative way to make a living. The average IT professional makes nearly $75,000 annually.

You can use cybersecurity career paths to further your income and skills. If you’re set on pursuing IT careers, it’s worth exploring your options for entry-level IT jobs after finishing school.

The best jobs in information security will act as a launching pad that could help you become the head of a corporation’s IT department. You can leverage your experience and skills to earn significant money and enjoy a comfortable life.

Fortunately, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination to learn about the top career paths to consider for your IT career. Continue reading to find work you love and top pay today!

Junior Information Security Analyst

A Junior ISA is a competitive position, with many recent college graduates applying for these openings. The position requires you to protect a business’s data by monitoring the network for cyber threats and risks. You’ll use your skills and knowledge to apply firewalls and other security software to keep unauthorized users at bay.

Consider applying for this position if you have a background in computer science. You can become a cybersecurity analyst or information security manager with experience in this position.

IT Support Specialist

You can also work as an IT support specialist when seeking entry-level IT jobs. The role entails solving problems your customers are facing. You’ll use your skills to troubleshoot the issues.

Expect to spend time repairing internet connections, backing up user data, and upgrading software applications. It’s an excellent position if you have a customer support background. You can use the position to leapfrog into a network or database admin position.

Cybercrime Investigator

A cybercrime investigator plays a significant role in investigating digital crimes. The primary focus is on ransomware, identity theft, and overrides. It’s a position that is more connected to working in law enforcement than a traditional IT department.

You’ll need to earn certification in IT systems to qualify for this entry-level position. You can learn more about a cybersecurity bootcamp here.

Help Desk Technician

Working as a help desk technician is rewarding because you’ll use your skills and knowledge to assist others. You’ll assist with hardware and software issues. It’s also a position requiring you to fix network errors to limit business downtime.

Other tasks include installing and maintaining software on company devices. Many people who move on to significant IT career paths start work as help desk technicians. Learn computer systems and troubleshooting techniques to qualify for this position.

Apply for These Entry-Level IT Jobs Today

Finding the best entry-level IT jobs is the first step toward moving up the ladder and earning more money. Working as a help desk technician will teach you the skills to assume more prominent roles.

A cybercrime investigator works on the law enforcement side of things, providing fulfillment and excitement. You can also work as an IT support specialist with a background in customer service.

Working in cybersecurity is a rewarding career path with room for growth. Explore our Security content to hone your skills and knowledge today!

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