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Top 4 Free Screen Recording Tools 2021

Today we have at our disposal many tools available on the Internet to be able to record and share the computer screen in video format. Some of them can be very complicated and tedious to use. In this post, we present the ones that have achieved the best score for us.

List of Best 4 Free Screen Recording Tools

1. RecordCast

RecordCast is a free screen recorder, and it allows us the option of recording for 30 minutes what we see on the screen of our computer without having to be an expert or have previous knowledge. If you want to see their website, you just have to click here to take a quick look at it.


RecordCast offers you the possibility of recording with three different modes, which can be the only camera, only screen, or both at the same time. With this last option, the camera looks circular in the lower left.

From now on, you can start recording the videos you want or need from your computer screen, desktop, or a web page that you have open. That is, you can record everything you see on the computer or laptop screen. All in all, you will be able to use a tool with a very simple interface that we can learn to use with little effort.

2. ManyCam

We are facing a webcam application that allows us to apply special effects to our videos, and the best thing is that you can enjoy it for free.


ManyCam is a Free Screen Recording Tool that allows you to apply different special effects to the image, virtual backgrounds. You can apply them to your live videos, or web conferences, and even virtual classrooms. With this feature, you can blur, remove and replace the background with images or even other videos without the need for a green chroma.

The interface is very simple, with a little practice, and you will be able to get the most out of the application. All the menu options are visible on the screen while we work with it, or partially in the main window where you can perform all the actions it offers us. Other effects that you can also add are introducing drawings and figures, adding text, showing the current date and time, etc.

You can use it on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube to broadcast simultaneously. You just need to quickly set up RTMP streaming and broadcast lives or delayed on multiple platforms simultaneously. If you have a website or a YouTube channel, it will be very useful and will surely help you grow in followers.

3. OBS Studio

OBS Open Broadcaster Software is another Free Screen Recording tool that we have available for various operating systems such as Ubuntu and Linux, as well as Windows and macOS. This software is for a very professional purpose and use.

OBS Studio

It also allows the possibility of recording both the screen, the webcam, or even external sources. With what you can record games, stream, film castings, whatever you want… And it is open-source, that is to say, open-source, with which there will always be someone behind working to improve it.

One of its characteristics is that it has compatibility with an extensive catalog of formats such as Flv, Mp4, MOV, Mkv, ts, m3u8, among others. It offers the possibility of working with four different audio tracks, and you can stream on Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Live.

With its study mode, you can preview the scenes and sources used before publishing them on the channel. Make your adjustments to the scenes and sources, or create new ones. When you have everything ready, show your creation to everyone.

4. Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

Movavi is another Free Screen Recording Tools and one of the most common alternatives when looking for an alternative to record your Mac or Windows screen. It is a simple tool, which has a free version and a paid version.

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

It has some features that surely catch your attention, such as scheduled captures, you can create an alarm and record at a specific time when you determine. If a seminar is scheduled at your work, you can record it without watching it live. Another option is that you can select the section or segment of the screen to record.

Movavi is one of the tools that define the final quality of the results, and you can record in HD or 4K, select the mouse display in the recording and add effects such as highlighting the cursor or clicks, with different sounds for the click. Show keyboard, free screen recording and audio simultaneously or separately, and countless more options.

Final Words

We hope this information has been useful to you. If you use or know of awesome screen recording software, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Visit The Tech Diary Again for more awesome contents.

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