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Finding the Best Guest Post Outreach Service

Did you know that around 25% of internet users click on the first Google result? That means if your site isn’t on the first page, you’re losing out on valuable web traffic.

In order to climb through the ranks, you’ll have to make SEO your top priority. That means increasing brand authority with quality backlinks.

If you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. Coming up with a quality backlink strategy isn’t for the faint of heart.

That’s why many businesses reach out to a guest post outreach service. Continue reading to learn how to find the right option for your company and discover the benefits of guest posting.

Benefits of Guest Posting

First things first. Why should you bother with guest posting? As stated above, it can help build brand authority with link building.

This will allow you to attract new leads. You’ll also build connections with other professionals in your field.

Link Building

If big-name companies trust you enough to be associated with your website, Google is likely to trust you as well.

Writing guest posts will also bring referral traffic to you. Of course, you won’t get noticeable results overnight. You’ll need to work with multiple industry professionals first.

Attract New Leads

When it comes to guest posts, think quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with ten businesses if none of them coincide with your chosen niche.

If you’re picky about the clients you work with, you’ll bring in potential customers that are already interested in the goods and services you have to offer.

Build Connections

Guest posting will allow you to build connections with professionals in your industry.

Expanding your network will help you grow your online presence and be more successful.

What Does a Guest Post Outreach Service Do?

Again, link-building isn’t for the faint of heart. That’s where hiring a guest blogging posting service comes in handy.

They’ll look for sites that are relevant to your industry. When they find one, they’ll act as a middleman between you.

Guest blogging services will then create and submit content for the target site. The end result is a juicy backlink for you.

Finding the Right Service for Your Company

Now that you know what a guest posting service can do for you, it’s time to start shopping around for one.

Be sure to stay away from write-for-us companies, ask to see link inventories, request work samples, and whatever you do, don’t go cheap.

Stay Away From Write for Us Companies

Guest post services can put your content on write-for-us websites at little cost to them or you. However, there is a catch.

Content that’s placed on write-for-us sites is often farmed by others. That means your guest posts will likely end up on sites that aren’t relevant to your industry.

You’ll also have spam links associated with your site. That won’t do your Google rankings any favors.

Your post could also be placed alongside adult websites and other questionable links too.

Ask to See Their Link Inventory

Before hiring a guest post service, always ask to see their link inventory. This will give you a good idea of where your content will be. You’ll also be able to see if they have any links in their inventory that are relevant to your industry.

Be sure to use SEO tools like SEMrush to check the quality of the links. Again, quality over quantity. If the links don’t get organic traffic, using them won’t do you much good.

Look for Quality Control

Bad backlinks will do more than drive your web traffic down. You could end up getting penalized by search engines. That’s why quality control is of the utmost importance.

Ask search engines what their quality control process looks like. Most companies will be willing to break it down for you.

Request Work Samples

Avoid hiring a guest post service without asking to see samples of their past work. Doing so will allow you to analyze the quality.

If the sample is full of grammar mistakes and isn’t relevant to your industry, choose a different company.

Don’t Go Cheap

When it comes to most things, you get what you pay for. While you shouldn’t break yourself to afford SEO services, that doesn’t mean you should go cheap.

Guest post companies with suspiciously low services are most likely cutting corners somewhere. They may even be doing things that could get your websites in trouble with search engines.

Ask About Content Revisions

Sometimes the first draft isn’t it. The content itself isn’t terrible. It only needs a little polishing to be perfect.

In instances such as these, you should be able to request revisions. Most companies will allow you to ask for one or two.

Talk About Plagiarism

Search engines reward unique content and penalize posts with information that’s been rehashed on multiple sites.

To this end, ask guest post services if they run their content through a plagiarism checker before posting it.

Read Reviews

Past customers can tell you a lot about the quality of a guest posting company’s customer service.

However, you don’t have to rule out a service that doesn’t have a perfect 5-star across the board. Look for patterns.

If a handful of customers report less than legit activity, you should probably run in the other direction. If you can’t find reviews for a company at all, that’s also a sign you should choose a different company.

The Best Guest Post Services

Are you trying to figure out where to start your search for guest post services?

There are plenty of quality companies available. Here are only a few of your options.

Authority Builders. Co

First up is Authority Builders. Co. They acquire all their links via outreach and can provide proof. Their domains see a traffic amount of at least 1,000 a month.

You’ll be able to select your own anchor text. Authority Builders also have an impressive content turnaround time.

You can visit https://authority.builders/link-insertion-outreach to learn about the packages they have available.

Click Intelligence

Click Intelligence offers general SEO services, link building, content writing, guest posting, and PPC.

The process is manual. That means you’ll be involved every step of the way. You’ll be able to pick and choose niche sites where you think your content will best perform.

Click Intelligence focuses on providing unique content. They’ll pass posts your way so you can give your approval before they’re published.


When you work with iCopify, you’ll never pay for a blog post that you don’t like. You’re only charged once you’re satisfied with the content.

Making an account on the site is 100% free. Upon logging in, you’ll see a list of sites that are currently accepting guest posts. You can handpick where your content goes.

Speaking of your content, iCopify hires actual writers. After it’s written, the work gets submitted, and you’ll secure a backlink within a day.


If you’re worried about legitimate backlinks, Loganix has you covered. This company has a reputation for handpicking genuine sites for their client’s guest posts.

Every member of their team has at least ten years of SEO experience. They’re dedicated to making deadlines.

The only downside is that their guest post prices are a bit high, but you may find that the price is worth it.

eCommerce Link Builders

With eCommerce link builders, you’ll never pay more or less than you need for guest post services. They have customizable packages that will allow you to get your money’s worth.

They also go out of their way to match guest posts with websites that will help their client’s brand grow.

Outreach Z

Outreach Z is a great platform for beginners because it’s simple to use. All you have to do is choose the website you want to post your content on and submit it.

They have a team of niche writers who can write specialized content based on need. If issues arise, they offer quick customer support to fix them.

As far as pricing goes, Outreach Z charges a publishing and platform fee.

Get Me Links

Get Me Links boasts of having a unique campaign. Unlike many other guest post services, they don’t have a database of sites for you to pick from.

That means all your guest posts go to websites that are truly relevant to your niche.

Forward Linking

Forward linking also doesn’t have a database of websites for clients to choose from. Instead, they use outreach campaigns to find websites based on the requirements you put in place.

They provide quality guest post services for businesses across the US and UK. They have an impressive turnaround time, so you won’t have to wait for backlinks.

Build Brand Authority and Bring Traffic to Your Site

Having quality backlinks will allow you to establish brand authority and bring quality traffic to your site.

The best way to secure these backlinks is by hiring a guest post outreach service. They’ll help find homes for your guest posts and create and submit your content.

Are you looking for more SEO content advice? Check out our blog daily.

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