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Top 10 tips for employers: boost your recruitment process

For hiring to play a strategic role in your company, it is necessary to implement a series of processes and changes.

Transforming the organizational culture and promoting the growth of employees is a great task. But it’s necessary to start with the foundation: the hiring of personnel.

A well-developed recruitment process decreases time, speeds up hiring, and improves the experience of your co-workers, favorably strengthening your company, which means having benefits in the modern market.

Tips to improve staff recruitment:

What is personnel recruitment? It is a process that is built and activated when you need to fill a vacancy: from a clear and specific job description to proper management of your social network, particularly LinkedIn. However, the hiring of workers is not just recruitment.

It is a component with strategic value in any company since it should respond to both the current urgency and the needs that are foreseen for the future. To establish the skills that you will look for in new staff, your company needs to define what functions it requires in the short and long term.

With this in mind, we invite you to read 10 tips to give the hiring of employees the value it deserves in your business:

1. Use a multi-channel approach

Maintaining a multi-channel approach that comprises your social networks and job boards is a way to broaden your hiring opportunities and entice candidates more easily and quickly.

To do this, understand that using social media is a great way to let others know about your hiring. The reputation of your brand on networks like LinkedIn is essential. Review, update and publish relevant content on various business topics.

2. Review your job descriptions

A complete, clear, and concrete description of the position helps candidates understand the purpose of the work they are going to do, the value they will have to contribute and the path of their growth within your company.

The vacancy description should include the following:

– Job title and role within your work team

– Key areas of responsibility with expected results

– Short, medium, and long-term goals of the company

– Scope of position advancement and promotion opportunities

– Necessary training

– Social skills and personality traits needed to stand out

– Location and relocation requirements

– Salary and benefits available

– Company culture and identity

3. Implement a simplified recruitment process

Increase the number of possibilities to cover your positions with a simple procedure. Create a standardized template. Identify and establish with your HR team what the evaluation criteria will be and focus on the interview according to the information obtained. Simplifying is always a great idea.

Assessments can be a combination of general skills to practical examples. It helps understand whether your potential employees are what you need.

For good management of your recruitment process, you can use Leadar. It is a helpful website that will boost your recruitment process. Through this website, you can find perfect candidates via online profiles.

Any human resources professional knows that hiring the right person takes a lot of time, especially if the profiles sought are rare. It is therefore essential to streamline this process with an ATS that will save you time and money!

4. Involve your work team during interviews

It is very useful to include your work team in the personnel recruitment process, which generates more active and accurate participation of your co-workers in identifying the ideal candidate.

Having a group structure in interviews manages to incorporate several approaches, broadening the perspectives. Also, your team will start feeling more valued.

5. Consider career promotion for employees

There is a very useful and agile practice that we frequently forget: promote your work team. Your team is familiar with the values ​​and philosophy of your company already.

Choosing internal candidates reduces time and money on staffing. You also generate a direct message that your company supports progress in the career path of workers.

6. Ask the candidates about the recruitment process

Obtaining feedback about the process of hiring can provide your company with useful information. Likewise, it indicates your concern about your potential employees’ experience and what you can do to improve.

Some examples of questions you can ask:

– How would you rate your interview experience?

– Do you feel comfortable and well-informed about the entire hiring procedure and the next steps?

– Would you recommend others to apply to this company?

7. Manage received applications correctly

You have posted your job description, and you are now receiving many CVs and data. Great mission achieved? Not that quick. Now it is still necessary to be able to manage all these applications correctly. Look through all the CVs you have been sent. But don’t hurry. Being precise will help you go for the right candidate that will bring their best to the company. Don’t jump to conclusions based on the information you have. Interview. Search. Don’t settle.

8. Set up effective HR communication

It will be necessary to exploit all the advantages that communication offers. This is especially true when it comes to visual communication, capable of triggering more emotions and therefore more support among your passive candidates. The use of images, infographics, or even better, videos, is the best way to attract your target and lead them to develop an interest in your business.

9. Appoint your employees as main ambassadors

It is obvious that a person working in a company knows exactly well how to give specific information on the functioning and the atmosphere. Indeed, they seem more credible and will send a perceptible message to the outside world. Nevertheless, for them to be truly effective, it is necessary to provide them with a precise framework for intervention and to regularly supply them with relevant content that they will then distribute to their network.

10. Make unsuccessful candidates your allies

All too often, candidates who fail job interviews are completely forgotten. However, even if you know a certain person doesn’t meet the required criteria, don’t hurry to cut them off. Your brand also depends on your ability to manage the candidates you have rejected. If they say good things about you despite their disappointment at not having been hired, you will gain a lot of respect in the business.

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