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Employee Monitoring Software: Top 10 Pros and Cons 2021

Keeping the track of employees has been prevalent among the companies since the start. There was the satisfaction, knowing that their employees are sitting on their systems for specified hours. However, this could be pretty misleading, engendering the wide of the mark results.

It is where Employee Monitoring Software (EMS) from notable service providers comes to the rescue, providing highly detailed metrics and analysis. Let us try to grasp the pros & cons of this excellent service software.

Employee Monitoring Software – PROS 

1. Boosts the productivity of employees

As per recent studies, letting the employees know that their working patterns are being monitored would alone increase the work efficiency by 7%. A supervisor can constantly monitor employees, go through real-time daily reports, and issue the warning to time-wasters and procrastinators.

Besides, a reliable report shows that productivity decreases immediately upon starting overtime. Thus, keeping the overtime at bay and achieving productivity in working hours would be mutually better for the company and employees.

2. Build the control of the Business Leader

One of the most significant benefits is the control that a business or team leader gains over its employees. The regular checks would lead to a better understanding of ongoing projects and make room for necessary adjustments.

3. Enhances the Supervisor’s Efficiency

EMS provides the supervisor with several types of metrics and analyzed reports about the employees. These reports are simplified enough and can be checked in 5-10 minutes, empowering the supervisor to know better in less time. Hence, they can take necessary actions and resolve the bottlenecks in the business.

4. Solid Objectivity and Accuracy

Another excellent feature of EMS is providing bedrock information and reports about each employee. You can never be a miss about the decisions regarding your employees while creating a sense of righteousness among the team. It motivates them to work hard while reducing the number of procrastinators or evaders.

5. Works for all – Remote or Office employees

At the commencement of WFH (Work from Home) culture, companies were struggling to enhance productivity and reduce potential efficiencies. However, EMS shines in this domain, keeping a thorough check on remote employees. It even administers the workflow to accommodate flexible hours and remote teams with organized login-logout software.

6. Risk Insurance with Solid proofs

There might be internal issues related to grudges, carelessness, or violation of policy. There might be instances where certain frustrated employees causing confidential data leaks, or violate the customer communication policy. With the employee monitoring system in effect, you can get warnings beforehand for suspicious actions.

7. On-point Metrics and data collection

Employee Monitoring Software collects every essential data, including task distribution, time spent, weaknesses, schedules, in-app timings. These are stepping stones for reaching the desired improvement.

Employee Monitoring Software – CONS

1. Creates Negative Perception among Employees

Being under scrutiny and close-watch for every second of working hours might lead to reliability and trust loss among employees. It is advisable to be transparent with your employees. Besides, inform them to avoid accessing their personal files, accounts on the work computer.

2. Required Time for Checking Analytics Reports

You might utilize extra time in checking and grasping the daily reports. It would last for starting 2-3 days, and then you will get the hang of it while completing the monitoring in around 10-15 per day.

3. Personal Data of Employees

With the monitoring system, you get every operating detail of their computer, from apps to surfing, emails to keystrokes. This information might create insecurity and violates privacy. However, providing the employees with separate work computers is a simple and effective way to resolve this issue.

Final Words

We hope it would have given you a comprehensive idea regarding EMS – Pros & Cons. You can study each of the aspects in detail in relation with your business. Understand what your business complexities are and how you wish to resolve them. The pros and cons listed here will give you a good ground to get started and resolve issues that need your attention.

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