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Top 8 Emerging Cyber Security Trends That You Should Know in 2022

Cybersecurity threats are increasing today when teams are more remote than ever. Criminals have taken advantage of the increased digitization to wreak havoc on business systems. They keep changing their attacking techniques and the areas they target on networks.

As a business owner, it’s vital to know the latest techniques used by cybercriminals. That will help you understand the points to secure your network with tools like cheap private proxies. This article will look into the cyber security trends to keep in mind as we approach 2022.

Let’s get into it.

1. Increasing Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks have increased recently. According to research, average ransomware attacks cost businesses an average of 4.44 million dollars in 2020. This technique has been lucrative for cybercriminals, and you can expect to see more of it in 2022.

Investing in a cheap proxy server can help you prevent ransomware attacks. It will help encrypt your sensitive data and make it useless to cybercriminals. That makes buying a cheap proxy one of the effective ways to defend yourself from ransomware attacks.

2. Increased Attacks On Cloud Services

Most businesses are moving their operations to cloud environments. Although it comes with many benefits, cloud environments are targets for cybercriminals. You need to configure the cloud service you use correctly to ensure there are no security holes.

You can use a private cloud and configure it with a high-speed proxy server. That will ensure your business is secure on the cloud. It will enable your employees to work remotely without exposing your business network to attackers.

3. Cybersecurity Talent Shortages

The talent shortage in the cybersecurity industry has been historic. But the deficit is set to worsen in 2022 as more businesses consider remote working. The current cybersecurity talent won’t meet the rising demand from companies. There’s also no promise that enough trained personnel will enter the market before 2022.

Every business needs a workforce that can help it secure its network effortlessly. For instance, they want people who can work with security tools like cheap private proxies. Investing in fast proxy servers and having a workforce that can use them well can contribute to cyber safety.

However, having proxies deployed on a network isn’t enough. Businesses need to research where to buy proxies to ensure they have reliable tools. High-quality security infrastructure coupled with experienced staff will deliver the best protection. 

3. Continued Rise Of AI

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming popular and sophisticated. Many businesses have adopted it, and more will adopt it in the next year. Security teams are using AI to automate processes. It has helped them increase efficiency, speed, and accuracy for better security.

However, AI is not only enabling businesses to work better. Cybercriminals are also leveraging the power of AI to automate attacks. But then, that doesn’t mean your business won’t be safe with AI. It would help if you considered automating your security with it and tools like fast proxy servers.

4. More Businesses To Consider Cyber Insurance

You can invest in your business security as much as you can. But the bottom line is that it can never be immune to attacks. As said before, hackers are becoming more intelligent, and they keep changing their attacking methods. You should have plans to mitigate the impacts of attacks.

Cyber insurance is one of the best options you can consider. Although it doesn’t prevent an attack, it helps reduce its impact. With cyber insurance, you can recover from attacks faster. More businesses today are investing in cyber insurance, and that will continue in 2022.

5. Need for Real-Time Data Visibility

Need for Real-Time Data Visibility

Real-time data is becoming vital as businesses look to strengthen their security functions. This data makes risk assessments more effective since it gives companies a better view of their threat landscapes. Besides, it helps them know their technological landscape and many more.

Today, businesses rely on this data to make security decisions. For instance, it is helping them know the third-party suppliers they are working with better. This makes it possible to avoid third-party services, cloud applications, and vendors that could expose them to attacks. 

Cheap private proxies can help businesses gather the data they need in real-time. This makes their decision-making processes faster and more efficient. They can monitor every user’s activity and act accordingly if those actions could expose them to potential risks.

6. Increased Use Of Multi-Factor Authentication

Passwords are the standard, and the first line of protection businesses deploy on networks. But then, they still aren’t enough to guarantee online safety. That’s why many companies are adding an extra security layer with multi-factor authentication.

This ensures that users confirm their identity before gaining access to business networks. It has proved effective in helping businesses beef their online security. Today, more companies are investing in this method. It helps filter traffic when used together with a high-speed proxy server.

7. Increased Demand For Chief Security Officers

Businesses are investing massively in security tools like fast proxy servers. However, most of them still don’t have a high degree of confidence in their security systems. The main reason for this is a huge disconnect that exists between the businesses and their security systems.

The best way to bridge this gap is by having a chief security officer. This is a person trained in security functions and with experience in what they do. The work of a chief security officer is to oversee the overall security of a company. Many firms will add CSO’s to their teams in 2022.


Keeping your business safe from attacks is no mean feat. Internal and external threats are on the rise, with attackers exploiting every chance. Knowing these threats won’t guarantee your safety. You’ll need technical and non-technical cybersecurity skills like an analytical mindset.

You also will need to invest in the right set of cybersecurity tools. For instance, you can invest in a security tool like a cheap proxy server. Buying cheap proxies will help you encrypt your data and also filter traffic on your network. Now you know the threats to protect your business against in 2022.

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