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Do You Need a Restraining Order Lawyer?

Did you know almost 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the US? This includes physical, sexual, or psychological abuse by a partner.

If your ex-partner is harassing or threatening you and your family, you need protective legal help. A restraining order is one way to keep your abuser from harassing you. However, it won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it!

Read on to learn whether you qualify for legal help and how to choose the right restraining order lawyer for your case.

What Are the Different Types of Restraining Orders?

The different types of restraining orders generally fall into two categories. There are mutual or civil restraining orders and criminal restraining orders.

Mutual or civil restraining orders are commonly obtained to protect people from physical or psychological abuse, harassment, or intimidation. They are designed to regulate contact between people in an intimate or personal relationship, often spouses or family members.

A judge may issue a criminal restraining order to protect a victim of stalking, assault, or other unlawful activity. In either case, an experienced restraining order lawyer can provide legal advice and guide clients through obtaining and enforcing a restraining order.

Difference Between a Restraining Order and a Protective Order

A restraining order lawyer can be a great asset if someone believes they need assistance obtaining an order of protection in court. A restraining order is a court document that orders someone not to contact or even go near another person.

It may also order the person not to possess firearms, often including temporary custody or support orders. A restraining order is meant to provide protection or safety for the person seeking the restraining order from cruel or extreme behavior from the accused.

On the other hand, a protective order is a court order specific to a particular location or situation. It may include an order to stay away from an area, property, or place of employment. A protective order does not address ongoing behaviors or contact between parties.

When Do You Need a Restraining Order and Legal Aid

Being the subject of violence or harassment is very hard and worrying. Many people faced with this situation are unsure of the following steps. It is, therefore, imperative to know when to seek legal help through a restraining order or a lawyer.

These lawyers specialize in providing legal advice and helping to obtain appropriate restraining orders. A restraining order is a legally binding court order you can request in cases of physical and mental abuse, threats of violence, stalking, and harassment.

It is best to seek legal advice if you need a restraining order. An experienced restraining order lawyer will help to ensure your safety and protection. Furthermore, they can also assist in filing the necessary paperwork and attending court hearings.

What to Expect from a Legal Consultation
What to Expect from a Legal Consultation

What to Expect from a Legal Consultation

When you file a restraining order, legal consultation will help you understand the laws in your state and any applicable federal or international laws that may be relevant to your case.

The lawyer can explain the process for filing a restraining order. They can also explain the potential consequences of violating the restraining order and the risks of pursuing one. Additionally, they can provide guidance and advocacy on your behalf during and after the restraining order process.

A legal consultation with an attorney will help you understand your rights and the consequences of breaking the restraining order. Knowing what to expect during and after the process can help make the process smoother and more accessible for all involved parties.

How to Find a Qualified Restraining Order Lawyer

Finding a qualified restraining order attorney can be a challenge. Thus, knowing what to prioritize when looking for a lawyer is critical.

When searching, always look for attorneys with experience handling orders of protection. You should also ensure they have the skills to fight for your rights in court effectively.

Ask family, friends, neighbors, or other legal professionals for recommendations. Once someone has been identified as a possibility, gather information about the lawyer’s qualifications.

Research whether or not the lawyer has experience in restraining order cases, and check with the Bar Association to ensure that the lawyer is licensed to practice. Check the lawyer’s references, and discuss fees and other related expenses that may be incurred.

Research and learn more about the credentials and reputation of any potential lawyer you may be considering. Ensuring they have a good record can give you the peace of mind of knowing you are connected with an experienced professional.

The Initial Cost of Hiring an RO Attorney for You

A restraining order attorney typically charges an hourly rate ranging from $150 to $350. In addition, the lawyer may require a retainer fee of between $500 and $2,000.

Other legal costs to consider are filing fees, witness fees, and the costs associated with gathering and organizing evidence to support your case. It is essential to understand that hiring a lawyer does not guarantee success in obtaining a restraining order. However, having an experienced restraining order attorney can provide invaluable support and guidance in navigating the legal system when seeking protection.

Hire the Best Restraining Order Lawyer to Protect Your Rights Today

It is crucial to consider hiring a restraining order lawyer if you are looking to obtain a restraining order. An experienced lawyer can help you and guide you in this challenging situation. Contact a restraining order attorney today to know your rights and what services are available to help you.

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