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Most Disappointing Final Bosses In Video Games

Do you know what exactly a boss battle is? 

It is, in some ways, the pinnacle of the players’ efforts.

Wouldn’t it be frustrating to find out that the boss they’ve worked so hard to get is a pushover?

Many excellent games are let down by poor final boss encounters, which is pretty disappointing given how good the majority of the games are. 

Despite being the gold standard in their genres, the Far Cry, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Uncharted series feature surprisingly awful final bosses.

You can download these games from RarBG and give them a shot. But, we think what lies ahead is a big bucket filled with disappointments. 

1: Dracula—Castlevania

The very mention of the word Dracula excites gamers.

It could only imply that, as the last boss in Castlevania 2, the battle would be spectacular, given that it belongs to the most iconic vampire of all time. 

However, this isn’t the case with Simon’s Quest.

Instead of being a platformer like the original, the sequel is more of an RPG, with a significant drop in quality, which is reflected in the infamously difficult final boss. 

2: The Excavator—Batman: Arkham Knight

Fans were excited when it was announced that Batman: Arkham Knight would have a playable Batmobile.

The prospect of speeding around an open-world Gotham in a vehicle with the build quality of a tank was tantalizing.

However, the vehicle’s controls were so bad that most players avoided utilizing it at all costs.

That’s why the Excavator was an even worse final boss than the Joker encounter in Arkham Asylum. 

3: The Hivemind—Dead Space

Dead Space was one of the most impressive horror games of the last two decades.

Although the Necromorphs continue to haunt our nightmares, the Hivemind does not.

The Hivemind has easy-to-hit weak places that explode when destroyed and assaults that are readily evaded.

If players are caught in its grip, they may easily shoot their ways out.

Hivemind did not appear to be threatening enough to be the last boss. What a pity!!!

4: Calamity Ganon—The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild finally gave players an open environment to explore, new foes to battle, and new gameplay features to enjoy.

It’s a shame that all of that hard effort didn’t pay off in the final boss battle.

Players can opt to take down the four parts of Ganon on their trip through Hyrule to make the final encounter simpler, as doing so depletes Ganon’s health meter and removes four more fights.

They can also opt to sprint straight for him and defeat him.

People have completed the game in under 10 minutes since the boss fight is so simple.

5: Letho—The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings

The narrative abilities of The Witcher 2 were quite outstanding.

Players had a lot of say over the game’s major events, including whether or not they confronted the primary adversary at all!

Players may initially dismiss the thought of bypassing the last fight as absurd… but it is only after they defeat Letho that they understand how pointless this battle was.

As it is, The Witcher 2 features an inverted difficulty curve, making later confrontations a breeze.

This also applies to Letho, who Geralt can dispatch in seconds.

6: Frank Fontaine—Bioshock

Bioshock has such a complex narrative and ambitious worldbuilding that it would make a terrific TV program, and the game is gripping and full of new gameplay for the most part.

The player possesses various supernatural and non-supernatural skills, and the environment is always available for traps, but the final boss ignores all of this.

In an open arena, the player battles Frank Fontaine, the epic 2007 game’s final boss, and the only thing to do are evade Frank’s assaults while shooting him.

The fact that it’s introduced at the very end of the game is perplexing because the game has never before been played like a typical shooter.

7: Hoyt Volker—Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is one of the best video games of the twenty-first century, and it deserves to be transformed into a film because of its hallucinogenic graphics.

The cruel adversary Vaas, who toys with the player and mass slaughters visitors throughout the campaign, making the game so fascinating and the crown gem in the Far Cry franchise.

Vaas’ brilliance makes Hoyt Volker, the true adversary, more frustrating.

Vaas is revealed to be a theatrical henchman who needs to answer to the much more basic villain two-thirds of the way through the game.

Putting It All Together

You can give it all you have, but your journey as the game’s protagonist won’t seem much fulfilled if you encounter these disappointing final bosses.

Defeating them isn’t only fairly easy, but also the storyline that leads players toward these main villains isn’t impressive at all.

So, give these games a shot and let us know how you’ve liked playing them in the comment box. 

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