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Future of Digital Marketing in E-Commerce

Digital marketing involves how you get people to buy products from your online store. So, in this scenario, customers visit your website and order a new item. The process of buying online and receiving the shipped item is now part of e-commerce.

Are you aware that in 2020 alone, the total sales from e-commerce were $4.28 trillion? By 2022, the figure is projected to increase to $5.4 trillion. Indeed, the future of digital marketing in e-commerce is promising.

E-commerce is an environment that’s constantly changing and upgrading. As technologies continue to improve, the e-market keeps changing as well. As a result, businesses continue upgrading for the betterment of their operations. And, to also fulfill the needs of online shoppers.

Are you already in the e-business? You can now use wide-ranging intelligent tools to collect essential data. You can also use the same tools to make in-depth analyses regarding your target audience. This is an entirely new and effective way of approaching your audience or customers.

Are you unsure whether it’s worth investing in e-commerce? Note that it’s expected that by the year 2023, e-commerce purchases will increase from 14.1% to 22%. The sales from mobile e-business sales are also estimated to rise further.

What does the future of digital marketing in e-commerce hold? Let’s find out.

What’s the Current Trend in E-Commerce?

It doesn’t matter the kind of e-commerce business you are in or wish to start. The bottom line is that the industry’s future is bright. The e-commerce statistics show a growth trend in this sector every year.

In about 20 years to come, about 95% of every purchase will be through e-commerce. This should be a point of reflection for all business owners. You need to consider this if you’re looking to succeed going forward.

E-commerce personalization contributes much to the growth of digital marketing in electronic business. When buying goods, humans are used to making physical contact with others.

So, initially, most consumers didn’t embrace e-shopping. The process was deemed as less intimate. People missed the personal experience they would get in physical shopping. This is because e-commerce shops didn’t have someone to sell to. The shops also lacked individual product recommendations.

But, things are now different, and it keeps getting better. E-commerce businesses are now embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to imitate human interaction. With AI tools such as chatbots, you can make your website more personal.

Such appealing technologies will continue attracting more people to e-buying. You can make your e-commerce shop more personal by tracking customers’ preferences.

You can also customize their individual e-commerce experiences. You can do this based on what individual customers seem to like. It will be easier to do this because of some common features.

For instance, most online stores’ ‘recommended products’ section offers customers recommendations. And customers receive recommendations that match their search history.

Thus, such personalization experiences will increase the likelihood of more customers embracing e-shopping.

Which Products Are Trending in Selling At the E-commerce Stores?

Which Products Are Trending in Selling At the E-commerce Stores?

1. Modern Bathtub Designs

People are now going for bathtubs to heighten their bathroom spaces with beauty. Others also want to create a breathtaking atmosphere.

The season of lockdowns due to the covid-19 pandemic brought a new phase. Most people turned to improving their homes’ beauty and atmosphere. Some felt stressed and scared about the pandemic’s sad reality and unpredictable future.

So, many sought meditation as a perfect way to calm and comfort their minds at such times. Bathtubs became one of the quiet, private, and relaxing spaces for meditation.

Notably, the clawfoot tubs are a popular bathtub design that many consider. They are stunning freestanding tubs that have the advantage of convenience. You can shift and position them anywhere you like in the bathroom.

These modern clawfoot tubs feature stylish four-feet tubs that are admirable. They can enhance the beauty of your bathroom entirely. And, they come in different shapes and styles to meet the needs of many homes.

Studies show that homes with clawfoot tubs sell for about 30% more. By this, we mean more than the expected home selling price. This might explain why many people are now going for new clawfoot tubs. Design firms are also not left behind. They’re now creating beautiful modern clawfoot tubs like:

  • Vintage clawfoot bathtub
  • Fiberglass clawfoot tubs
  • Acrylic clawfoot tubs
  • Clawfoot tubs with showers

What does all this imply?  Homeowners might invest more in this valuable home accessory going into the future.

2. LED Submersible Lights

LED submersible lights are fantastic forms of lighting. They’re mostly installed and used in bathtubs, fish tanks, bowls, or vases. They are a fun item that has created a significant shift from analog to digital lighting.

You can control and monitor your lighting remotely. The digital LEDs’ capacity allows significant customization in light output and other applications. Such has also made lighting systems participation in IoT (Internet of Things) possible.

Recently, most people have spent time at home due to covid-19 restrictions. This has increased the demand for submersible lights, which is still expected to grow.

Grand View Research gave a new report. It shows that the market size for global LED lighting is projected to attain $105.66 billion by 2025. The report gave some features anticipated to increase LED demand. They include lucrative benefits like:

  • Low heat emission
  • Less energy consumption 
  • Extended lifespan

3. Bluetooth Speaker

Do you love music and a highly enhanced listening experience? Well, Bluetooth speakers can give you an almost theatrical experience. And, this is what improves your overall listening.

Over time, Bluetooth speakers have evolved. Different companies continue to manufacture high-quality products. Some of the appealing features include the latest invention of the Bluetooth 5.0. 

This implies that you can buy high-quality speakers from different manufacturers. And, you can easily sell them online.

In 2020, the market estimations for wireless speakers were at 227 million units. The statistics show that the market will reach 500 million by 2026. 

The promising investment for this smart home segment increases customers’ preference for portable speakers. It continues to boost innovations in the wireless speaker product segment. And this is one major factor that drives the increased adoption of wireless speakers. 

The increasing trend of smart speakers globally is due to voice assistants. This is a trending feature that is developing space for wireless speakers. 

Presently, companies like Google and Amazon are highly targeting this customer base. Market sellers are also giving extra features. Examples include splash or water-resistant features to attract more customers.

So, as companies introduce new technologies, the trend will increase.

4. Back Cushion

Since covid hit the world, many people have embraced remote work. As a result, there has been a high demand for back cushions. They come in different shapes and sizes. And, there’s high-profit potential in the e-market for these cushions.

Google trend shows how the global pandemic led to a spike in the sales of back cushions. The demand keeps rising dramatically, and the upward trend seeks to continue. Thus, it can be good to invest in this product for e-commerce as more people buy these items.


Presently, you can invest in almost every imaginable product and service. The best part is that you can do this through e-commerce transactions. Some people still maintain their brick-and-mortar presence. But, with an online store presence, you enable customers to buy everything they need right from their homes.

Indeed, e-commerce changes how customers shop and use products and services. Many people are turning to their smart devices and computers to order goods. 

And, these goods can be delivered faster to their homes. So, as the e-market gains considerable popularity, traditional retailers are forced to change how they do business.

Thus, individual sellers can continually engage in e-commerce transactions through their websites. Furthermore, digital marketplaces like eBay or Etsy are great online shopping platforms. Many buyers and sellers now carry out business on these sites. 

From the look of things, e-commerce will soon form the basis for business operations. And people can work from anywhere they like.

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