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Art of Marketing: 11 Tactics Digital Marketing Agencies Should Follow

In the post-pandemic world, the competition among brands has become highly ferocious. Business organizations today encounter several obstacles while increasing their website traffic and improving the SEO efforts of their marketing department. So, companies often employ the services of digital marketing agencies to bolster their reputation and target their audiences effectively. 

So, which business benefits do you offer your clients? While outsourcing their marketing campaigns, clients look for an agency that can help modernize their strategies cost-effectively. Here, we’ll mention some techniques agencies must use to execute the perfect marketing campaign for their clients and deliver the expected results:

Tips for creating a perfect marketing strategy for your client

Identify their audience

Identifying your client’s targeted audience constitutes the beginning of your marketing endeavors. You can’t devise an effective campaign without knowing whom you’re trying to convince to buy this product. So, research the demographics most likely to purchase from your client. After establishing who you’re targeting, create buyer personas (or avatars) to determine which factors drive the targeted audience’s purchasing decision.

These buyer personas will include everything from the audience’s age/sex to their desires/opinions. But how can an agency generate accurate avatars for their clients? We suggest leveraging online tools to understand the client’s niche effectively.

Use latest tools

Clients expect marketing agencies to utilize online tools for strengthening their campaigns. These tools enable marketers to assess the client’s competitors, improve SEO endeavors, and develop far better content than the client’s rivals.

Agencies can also utilize several tools to create captivating videos, produce excellent podcasts, and draft high-quality eBooks. You can find the best eBook design template online and create outstanding digital reports in less than two minutes.

Assess their budget

A study shows that digital marketing agencies handle 10-20 clients simultaneously. A majority of clients own small-to-medium-size businesses and require agencies to devise cost-effective strategies from a marketing perspective.

So, don’t forget to evaluate the client’s budget realistically so it won’t be a restriction for them in the future. Since digital marketing is inexpensive, clients expect agencies to allocate their budgets wisely.

Art of Marketing

Improve their blog

A Forbes article shows that 82% of customers conduct research online before buying something. It helps when you contribute to your client’s blogging endeavors and produce interactive content for their readers.

Find various subjects to write about, especially those the client’s niche seems interested in reading. Ensure to acquire high-quality backlinks to the client’s website. Moreover, leverage different channels to enhance this content.

Rely on WOM

Several agencies leverage influencer marketing to improve the client’s popularity. But research has found that word-of-mouth marketing produces far better results. A Nielson study conducted in 2013 revealed that 84% of Americans considered recommendations by friends/family as trustworthy.

So, including WOM as an integral component of your marketing endeavors will help the client gain more audiences online. This technique can enable you to produce actual cost-effective results.

Leverage social media

Many agencies try omnichannel marketing to improve the client’s digital visibility. These channels include email marketing, SMS marketing, and even some traditional advertising techniques. But the most crucial marketing endeavors involve social media marketing. Which social media channel is most suitable for your client? Assessing your client’s niche has already helped you collect data to evaluate which platform is popular among your targeted audiences.

So, share original content on these sites, encourage followers to interact with your posts, and leverage gamification to increase shares. A great social media strategy can help your client’s products reach target people.

Try adopting automation

Many industries have incorporated automation since it enhances their productivity and removes the mistakes made by humans. Implementing automation allows you to continue producing lucrative results for the client effortlessly.

A study shows that 9 in 10 privately-owned businesses lose money because they ignore marketing automation. So, don’t neglect to adopt this trend since it only focuses on strategies generating measurable results, thereby saving money.

Adapt to changes

While the marketing industry has undergone several changes, it’s essential to adapt to alterations in search engine algorithms. Agencies that ignored Google’s everchanging algorithms have failed to deliver the promised results to their clients.

For instance, search engines started to rank websites as per their mobile versions in 2016. So, websites that weren’t mobile-optimized fell from grace. Your agency must focus on honing your SEO efforts and keeping yourself updated about future changes.

Use more graphics

Using content merely isn’t sufficient if you wish to acquire more traffic to your client’s website. We recommend leveraging images/videos to popularize this content and expand the client’s reach. And statistics about video marketing are awe-inspiring.

A study by Ship Station shows that 28% of people with a smartphone watch one video daily. With YouTube being the second-largest search engine globally, more potential customers are searching for videos today – a fact to exploit.

Monitor the progress

Your job doesn’t end after creating a fool-proof marketing campaign for the client. Instead, you’re now responsible for monitoring these strategies, analyzing their results, and improving them if they don’t deliver.

Measure the efficiency of this campaign with the client’s objectives and compare KPIs (key performance indicators) to ensure your strategies are producing the expected results. You must also ensure to target accurately and deliver the client’s message effectively to the public.

Make them unique

In the end, a digital marketing agency shouldn’t forget that the success of any strategy you’ll devise for the client shall involve emphasizing their points of difference. What convinces a consumer to buy from your client? Marketers consider them as unique selling points (USPs) – points that enable your client to appear different (and better) than their competitors.

Manipulating these points allows you to drive potential customers to purchase from your clients. How to find/exploit USPs? As explained above, agencies can utilize online competitor analysis tools to discover what makes the client’s rivals popular among the client’s niche. This information lets you develop factors of differentiation.


How much money do companies spend annually on marketing endeavors? A survey shows that over 80% of business organizations squander at least $50,000 every year to reach new customers. Among them, some 50% of companies admit outsourcing their marketing campaigns by hiring an outside agency or employing the services of freelancers. Also, more than 30% of organizations that haven’t hired similar services are planning to do so in the future.

An agency can leverage its digital marketing proficiency to increase the client’s profitability and enhance its reputation. You only have to choose the most productive techniques to generate a fool-proof marketing strategy for your clients.

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