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Developing Your Team? Learning Trends To Use in 2023

In 2023, in the workplace, pretty much everything is done on a computer or with the use of an AI assistant. While this is great, it can mean that team members become somewhat reliant on these systems and may, therefore, not really want to (or see the point in) learn some new skills.

However, to keep a workplace ticking over nicely, it is vital to train your team, and some options are more effective and trendier than others.

So, what are some of the trending ways to teach your team in 2023?

Here is a quick guide!

Look To Use LMS

Learning management systems, also known as LMS, are software platforms that are used to manage, deliver and track online training programs. LMSs are designed to streamline the learning process, making it easy for learners to access training materials, track their progress, and receive feedback. For an example of this in action, head to thinqi.com. They provide a centralized location for training materials, such as e-learning courses, videos, and quizzes, and allow for the creation of customized learning paths to suit the needs of individual learners. LMSs are widely used by organizations of all sizes and across various industries to deliver training and development programs to their employees, customers, and partners.


Microlearning is a popular and trending learning approach that involves breaking down complex topics or skills into small, bite-sized pieces of information. It is a short, focused learning experience that typically lasts no longer than 10 minutes. Microlearning is often delivered through online platforms and mobile devices, making it easily accessible and convenient. It is designed to meet the needs of busy individuals who are looking for quick and effective ways to learn new information or skills.

Look To Use LMS


Of course, this is an option that has been around for a while and shows no signs of stopping any time soon!

Gamification uses game-like elements such as points, badges, levels, and leaderboards in non-game contexts, including workplace learning and development. It involves incorporating game design principles into training and development programs to make learning more engaging, interactive, and fun. Gamification as a learning tool in the workplace can improve learner motivation, participation, and retention.

It can also increase the effectiveness of training by providing immediate feedback, allowing for experiential learning, and promoting a sense of achievement. Gamification can be applied to various learning activities, including onboarding, compliance training, leadership development, and soft skills training. This method of learning has gained popularity in recent years as one of the most innovative and effective ways to engage employees in learning and development.

Develop Agile Learning

Agile learning in the workplace refers to a flexible and adaptive approach to learning and development that allows employees to quickly and efficiently acquire new skills, knowledge, and competencies to respond to changing business needs.

In an agile learning environment, learning is not a one-time event. Instead, it is an ongoing process that is integrated into the daily work routine, and it can be achieved through a combination of various learning methods such as on-the-job training, mentoring, coaching, e-learning, micro-learning, and collaborative learning.

The key benefits of agile learning in the workplace include improved employee performance, increased productivity, enhanced innovation and creativity, and better adaptability to change. Moreover, an agile learning culture fosters a growth mindset among employees, encourages continuous learning, and creates a more engaged and motivated workforce.

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Daniel Robert
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