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The Complete Guide to Decorating with Posters in Your Bedroom

Did you know that most people are spending over $5,500 each month on typical expenses? If you’re hoping to add some style to your decor but don’t want to gash your savings, consider looking to posters for help. When displayed well, posters can enhance your space with personality and color.

Read on to find the complete guide to decorating with posters in your bedroom!

Invest in Stylish Frames

One surefire way to make the most of your poster collection is to invest in good-quality frames. Frames instantly upgrade the look of posters, transforming them into artwork that can spruce up your wall. A wooden poster frame, for instance, can elevate the look of even the cheapest poster.

For a consistent and polished look, opt for frames that are the same color and material. Black metal frames offer a clean edge that can suit just about any poster, for instance. Or go with white frames for a minimalist style that will pop out against a painted wall.

For another option, try poster rails. These are like partial frames that provide structure to the top and bottom of your poster. You’ll add a clean edge that defines your posters.

Try Creating a Poster Collage

While posters can be framed and displayed at eye level on a wall, they don’t have to be. For an artful approach, look into creating a poster collage. Collages can be an effective way to mimic the look of wallpaper and cover an entire wall without gouging your budget.

Consider creating an accent wall covered in posters. Look into choosing posters that relate to each other intentionally, or gather everything in your collection and start going to work. You can arrange them organically, with overlapping edges.

But you also can tile your posters for a clean and balanced approach. Perhaps organize the posters by color to create a gradation. Or tile them in an alternating pattern that plays up contrast and intensity.

Choose a Theme

Taking a thematic approach is an excellent strategy when it comes to decorating with posters. You can choose books, art museums, city skylines, or other imagery as your central focus. Then plan on building a collection of posters that you can cluster or spread out in your bedroom.

For instance, you can try hanging movie posters in a den or basement television space, as well as in your bedroom. Or maybe you have video game posters that you could display in a gaming area. If you’re a poster nerd looking for the right addition to your space, look to your favorite cartoons or video games for guidance.

Go for Inspirational Text

If you’re not a movie or music buff, you might be feeling lost when it comes to choosing posters. Keep in mind that words can be an art form, too. And you could let text be the focal point of your poster display.

Inspirational phrases or quotes written in unique scripts or text styles can add a punch to your space. Hang a quote from someone you admire over your desk or bureau. Or keep it simple and focus on posters revealing unique fonts in a more decorative fashion.

Mimic the Look of a Gallery

When it comes to the placement of posters, there is no prescriptive approach. But if you have an eclectic collection, you might be struggling to figure out how to put together a cohesive display.

Consider taking a cue from art galleries and opting for a salon-style approach to hanging. This means that you don’t need to hang your posters in an orderly fashion. Instead, you can hang them at different heights and distances from each other in a grouping.

Ultimately, that grouping can consume an entire wall if you want it to. Or it could be positioned above your bed or an armchair. Either way, the totality of the poster display will form one big artwork on your wall.

Decorate a Corner of Your Room

Who says that posters need to be centered on a wall above furniture? Take a more creative approach and use posters to decorate a blank corner of your bedroom. This is an inventive way to work with posters that will impress your friends and guests.

Try overlapping posters at the corner of your room and let them fan out organically on either side. This a great way to move a focal point to a corner in a smaller space — or simply fill a void.

Bring Nature Indoors

As another option, you can focus on bringing the great outdoors inside with your poster decor. Even if you’re not the world’s greatest photographer, you can find posters featuring the work of people who are skilled with a camera.

Choose dramatic scenes of places you have visited or hope to visit. Or go with a collection of natural scenes from places you have lived. When it’s the dead of winter and you’re stuck inside, you’ll love being able to glimpse a view of the great outdoors.

Start Decorating with Posters

Decorating with posters is a cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of your bedroom or any room in your home. Look into choosing a theme to keep your style cohesive, or pop posters into frames for an instant upgrade. As another option, try tiling or collaging your posters to establish an accent wall that offers a burst of color and texture.

Find more tips to make your home look better. Check back soon for new and informative articles!

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