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Debt After Debt: What To Do When Hunter Warfield Is Worsening Your Debt Problem

A lot of people go to debt with a promise in their own heads that they can pay their own loan. Unfortunately, not everyone can and their loans are piling up. This is the time when companies promise to solve your loan problems and people are vulnerable to take in whatever help they can get.

Many companies, including Hunter Warfield, promise their clients to make their debt collection easier. However, what happens is the opposite and people just fall more into debt. They make their clients feel anxious about their ongoing loans after they told them that their debts should not be part of their worries.

If you are having problems with companies such as Hunter Warfield’s debt collection, you will need certain measures for you to handle your relationship with the said company with grace. Here are the steps that will help you end your Hunter Warfield problem and possibly your connection with them for good.

Brief Fact About Hunter Warfield

Hunter Warfield is a debt collection agency or a “revenue recovery service” from Tampa, Florida. It collects money through software that claims to help clients to collect their loan and hopefully remove the stress of their client. It is easy to subscribe to their services yet hard to get out.

The company promises that the client will feel no stress with collection calls but that is not the case for those who subscribed to their services. It is online and promises to resolve the loans for free. It collects property management debt collection, commercial services, funeral care, medical practices and facilities, and financial services providers.

Ongoing Complaints

If you are having problems with Hunter Warfield, you are not the only one. Their promise of “worry-free” debt collection seemed to be untrue as this company has received 2000 plus complaints from their clients so far.

They are having a hard time keeping their promise that you will not have worries about stressful phone calls once you start subscribing for their help. Unfortunately, the opposite is the truth and they break their vow. Their tactics for making their clients pay is through aggressive phone tactics and harassment.

The experience of their company’s clients is getting a lot of calls any time of the day to rattle and annoy you which will hopefully result in force payment even if you asked to stop their constant calls and notifications. There are even cases where their calls are insulting and they use profane language as well. The reviews from their clients include treating people like trash and rude customer service.

Nevertheless, their constant pestering can be countered with different measures. These how-tos with solving problems and possibly cutting connections with Hunter Warfield will be discussed in the next section.

Solve Your Problem With Grace

For those clients who were misled by the “stress-free” debt collection of Hunter Warfield, there are many ways to avoid collection harassment from that company. You just have to be strategic and know the right assistance. They notoriously also nag you about the debt payments you already paid for and forget about your previous transactions. Nevertheless, if they cannot solve your problems when they promise to, you should think of saving tactics for yourself.

One of the ways to solve your problems with Hunter Warfield’s debts is to write your transactions in a letter for proof. You cannot trust their staff and they forget that you paid your previous loans. Also, remember the law “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act” which can help you if they are trying to disprove your payment.

After that, create your own debt validation letter with the accurate number of debt transactions. This will help you because they cannot make up numbers when it comes to the correct amount of your payment, there is a chance they might raise the price because that will create profit for the company. Also, request a return slip for your transaction then you can settle a negotiation to end your debt.

Ask Aid From Experts

Hunter Warfield has broken many laws and has violated the rights of its clients over and over. Their constant harassment and abuse can also be solved with the aid of lawyers who know their rights.

If you are unaware about your rights as their customers, they may take advantage of that and continue abusing you. For example, their constant pestering violated the laws of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA. It is hard to take down notes of what laws do they violate as you possibly are not an expert on corporate laws.

Seek advice from experts and professionals. These professionals can possibly be advisors or lawyers that can help you prevent the constant pestering from Hunter Warfield.


Know your rights as a human and prevent constant harassment from debt collection companies such as Hunter Warfield. People falter sometimes and our flaws make us humans, it does not have to be the reason for a person’s constant anxiety.

When you get so much debt and you ask for help from companies that constantly pester you in the long run, it is not the end of the world. Know the measure to discontinue your relationship with the company through tactics and professional advice.

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