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Best 7 Cross Browser Testing Hacks for Faster Release

Hello Readers, welcome to The Tech Diary today we are going to talk about Best 7 Cross Browser Testing Hacks for Faster Release.

What do you think, why people spend their money on platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon to buy their subscription? This is because platforms like these provide you a seamless user experience without any interference that will irritate you and make you leave the app this is because they work on their software a lot to make its experience worth the price.

As you know there are many of user who streams these apps on many devices, they make sure that they work smoothly on every device. This article will share some tips on cross browser testing hacks.

Top 7 Cross Browser Testing Hacks

1. The user’s perspective is important

One has to think from a user’s perspective to make a seamless website, it is important to test each and everything from a user’s perspective to know that where your website is getting interruptions and problems. When you see things from a user’s perspective things become easy and there are more chances of getting a successful and bugs-free website that will be loved by all.

For example, let’s take a website of movie ticket booking, as a developer or tester you will be knowing every movie theatre and its codes but it is not at all same for the user, a user will only put the movie name and they want your website to have every detail and you as a developer of a website need to keep this in mind.

2. Daily automation tests

A developer or tester has to automate tests daily, it might sound like a hard job to tackle but it will help your website to provide their user the smoothest process out there. It helps the tester to reduce the piled-up test cases and avoid backtracking.

Daily automation tests help a developer to find very small bugs and errors that are usually ignored by the developer and the tester and those small errors have the power to ruin your hard work of several months in a minute. So, do care about these small details and make your website seamless, this is a useful cross browser testing trick.

3. Cross browser matrix

Testing your website on a browser will take a lot of your precious time and sounds hectic as well. A cross browser matrix is basically about preparing a table of the browser on which a tester is going to test their websites to check how the website is working, this cross browser testing hack is going to make your life easy and sorted.

To prepare a browser matrix a tester will use analytics tools for example he will use the google analytics tool to check the source of traffic on the website.

4. Bugs tracking

Another cross browser testing hack is bugs tracking, this hack will make your whole process work smoothly because keeping the track of bugs from the beginning helps the developer at the highest level. If the developer checks all of the bugs together this will definitely make him ignore the small details that are necessary for a smooth working website.

A tester can track the bugs earlier so that the bugs cannot be sent forward together because this particular step of not tracking bugs earlier can give a lot of issues to the developer and the tester.

5. Use tools for every testing

In cross browser testing, it is important to use tools at each step and for every testing. I personally suggest you to use tools which are multitasking, apps which can work three to four tasks of checking by itself so that a developer or a tester do not need to go back and forth to use different tools at each step and it will become way too easy for them and saves a lot of time.

6. Parallel testing and code linting

Sometimes a tester wastes a lot of his time in finding the bug and in the end what he finds is that there were no bugs in the website, it was just a syntax error, and wasting time on syntax and structured error is bad testing practice.

Code linting helps you in identifying these kinds of error automatically and save a lot of time.

Another important cross browser testing hack is parallel testing which is used whenever any new device or the operating system starts to work, this helps in checking that all the features are working perfectly or not.

7. Test at each stage 

If a developer wants a smooth working website, he should start testing at each stage in an ongoing process, it is smart to work if a developer or a tester divides all the testing on the basis of each stage when dealing with complex functionality, it becomes quite imperative. This hack is one of the most important hacks in cross browser testing

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